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Ed "Too Tall" Jones Addresses Report   Sport: Football

Player overall success: 93%

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Address success percentage: 93%    
Total number of submission on this address: 255
# of Success: 221  # of Failed: 17  # of Pending: 17
Added by:xtra-innings   Added on: 12-28-2010
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Feldspar 06-03-202106-15-2021Success 121/1Sent 81 Topps along with LOR, SASE and $10 donation. Received it back nicely signed in blue sharpie 
recbball 06-02-202106-16-2021Success 142/2Sent LOR, SASE, 2 cards, $20. Received both cards signed.
pbtank67 05-24-202106-09-2021Success 161/179T & $10. Nicely signed in blue sharpie. 
rggedglory 05-14-202105-24-2021Success 101/11 card 
shotgun24 05-07-202105-27-2021Success 201/1LOR, SASE, custom 8x10, and $20 
dish142002 05-05-202105-24-2021Success 193/33 with $30 
BlueHawk85 04-28-202105-14-2021Success 161/189 topps $10 signed in black 
rggedglory 04-23-202105-01-2021Failure 81/11 card; update, sent price list 
Undraftedplayer 04-20-202105-17-2021Success 273/3i sent him $20.00 and he signed my 3 cards, thanks Mr Ed "Too Tall" Jones 
Undraftedplayer 04-20-202105-17-2021Success 273/3i sent him $20.00 and he signed my 3 cards, thanks Mr Ed 
sttbstsmt 04-10-202104-24-2021Success 141/1I sent his 1976 Topps rookie card to be signed, along with $10 cash. He signed it and added his jersey number in blue sharpie. 
RMJ 04-09-202104-24-2021Success 151/11988 Topps $10. Signed in blue. Thanks Mr. Jones!
Cmoney66 02-25-202103-08-2021Success 111/1  
Gwar5911 02-22-202103-11-2021Success 171/1  
bigd8690 02-16-202102-26-2021Success 101/1Sent a photo and $20 cash. Received signed 
jedistiles 01-25-202102-06-2021Success 121/1Signed a '78 Topps in black. Thanks Mr. Jones! $10 per card 
Thump 01-19-202101-29-2021Success 102/2sent LOR, SASE, $20, 79T, Super Bowl Supermen; received both back signed 
Klummp 12-18-202001-08-2021Failure 212/2Charging 10$ a card now paperclipped my cards to a price list and damaged them pretty good rather than put them back in the index card puch Thanks I'll be sure to send you money 
sylintstorm 10-21-202001-11-2021Failure 822/2LOR, SASE, 2 cards - received back unsigned with price list
jedistiles 09-21-202001-11-2021Failure 1121/1Returned unsigned with a price list for charity. $10 per card. Will try again later. 
MRKANSAS 09-16-202001-15-2021Failure 1211/1retured unsigned requesting a donation for his foundation 
Yankeenate 08-24-202001-25-2021Success 1541/1Signed IC 
dish142002 08-15-202001-12-2021Failure 1504/4RTS 
Treyballautograph 08-14-202001-14-2021Failure 1532/2didnt sign my photos and received his business card 
BrandonPyc 08-05-202001-12-2021Failure 1605/5Returned 2 offered and others unsigned w/ price list. God bless you, Mr. Jones! Thank you for returning the cards!
joshcockerham 07-14-202001-11-2021Failure 1812/2Returned cards unsigned along with price list 
jfallon 06-19-202002-16-2021Success 2421/1Sent in 6/19/2017 without SASE and just received it back yesterday with his own envelope. Thanks! 
Jgtdec29 06-15-202001-08-2021Failure 2076/0Got the same card stating price list from Team Jones. Nice to take over half a year to shove my stuff back in to envelope. Should have just thrown it in the garbage. Save your money for Bob Lilly if you need a cowboy to spend on an autograph. That guy is 
Oriolesrise 06-06-202006-15-2020Success 91/177 Topps 
ronhudson 06-05-2020 Pending -2/0Mini helmet, photo, and $10 
Finishthefight 06-05-202006-15-2020Success 101/1Pro Bowl card 
Money4110 06-02-202006-16-2020Success 142/2Sent 2 Rookie Cards
kaw316 06-02-202006-16-2020Failure 142/2Did not sign the cards. 
thorgy213 06-02-202006-19-2020Success 171/1sase-note- returned nicely signed! 
Sjuschmitty 06-01-202006-11-2020Success 101/1  
Leeburtt 05-23-202006-01-2020Success 94/4  
freddieruffner 05-20-202005-28-2020Success 81/1Received back my 8x10, post office added 2 extra holes into the picture though :(
Stebbins25 05-19-202005-30-2020Success 113/2(2) Football Cards - (1) Blank Index Card 
Joeroc28 05-17-202005-29-2020Success 121/1Great signature blue sharpe 
Packer48 05-15-202005-22-2020Success 71/1Great success thanks Mr. Jones 
Hyde33 05-08-202005-28-2020Success 201/1Sent 1 card, LOR, SASE. Received back signed. Very happy! 
Bisons87 05-07-202005-22-2020Success 151/1signed in blue.
heffyscards 05-04-202005-23-2020Success 192/2Sent 2 cards Signed 2, Thanks Ed 
koufaxfan101 04-28-202005-11-2020Success 131/1  
BEastlake 04-27-202005-05-2020Success 83/3He signed two cards in blue sharpie and 1 card in black sharpie. 
BronxBombers25 04-27-202005-05-2020Success 81/1Sent 1 card and received it back signed in blue sharpie. One of the edges was ruined but excited to get it back. 
Barbosa79 04-25-202005-12-2020Success 172/2Great sig
crbaughn62 04-25-202005-05-2020Success 103/3  
PPCLI1988 04-23-202007-06-2020Success 742/2Signed 2 8x10 photos. 
kellykruse23 04-21-202005-01-2020Success 102/282T and 89T
Chooch08 04-13-202005-01-2020Success 183/3  
alavine 04-12-202004-30-2020Success 181/1Awesome 
3006Matt 04-09-202004-21-2020Success 121/1sent Pro Set Super Bowl Supermen card. Signed in black 
Kuppler 04-04-202005-05-2020Success 311/11 1981 Topps card.
NiMo15 04-01-202004-21-2020Success 201/088 topps 
Carney 04-01-202004-20-2020Success 193/3  
Plssignmycards 03-27-202004-18-2020Success 221/1Got a nice blue auto from him. Thank you Mr. Jones! 
Piester 03-25-202004-04-2020Success 101/1  
JeffFMcCormack 03-09-202004-03-2020Success 251/1I sent a 1989 NFL Pro Set card. Another great success from the Dallas legend!
jdresbach 02-21-202003-13-2020Success 201/11989 Topps signed nicely in blue 
NickBosa97 02-19-202004-03-2020Success 431/1Answered Questions. 
RIFF RAFF 77 01-27-202002-08-2020Success 121/1  
IAK683 01-25-202002-08-2020Success 142/2Two cards signed! 
dct0824 01-25-202002-03-2020Success 92/2  
NASKAT48 01-14-202002-01-2020Success 181/11981 Topps. Thank you Mr Jones!
SoxFanForLife 01-03-202001-18-2020Success 151/1signed index card in blue! 
kandiclipper 01-02-202001-20-2020Success 181/1Signed in black sharpie. Didn't turn out great, but still a pretty cool success. 
Revelation 12-31-201901-18-2020Success 182/2Sent two 8x10's, HWLOR. Got both back signed.
TheGunshow 12-27-201901-18-2020Success 222/2Thanks Mr. Jones! 
mrtrhl13 12-08-201912-20-2019Success 123/3HWLOR, SASE, 2 cards, 1 white custom, no $. All returned signed. Success.
Achilles106 11-27-201912-12-2019Success 151/1WOW! What an AWESOME return. Am a huge cowboys fan... sent a 1979 Topps card of his. Thank you ED!!! What an honor to have his signature. 
RedskinRussell 11-04-201911-19-2019Success 152/2Signed 88 Topps and 89 Topps 
alabamagator925 10-25-201911-15-2019Success 212/2Signed both in blue. Great cards for my Cowboys collection. 
kandiclipper 10-15-201911-12-2019Success 281/1Signed in blue! Awesome return! 
kholmes 10-07-201910-21-2019Success 143/3  
Gyro 09-17-2019 Pending -3/0LOR / SASE 
Shoo-Shoo 09-11-201905-11-2020Success 2431/1'77 Topps FB Card
Piester 09-11-201905-12-2020Success 2441/1  
evoniukus 09-05-201905-13-2020Success 2511/1Sent card, LOR and SASE. Returned signed with Black Sharpie
pbtank67 09-03-201905-11-2020Success 2512/289PS & 89S. Both nicely signed in blue sharpie. 
TigersFan99 08-19-2019 Pending -1/0Pro Set Super Bowl Supermen 
Myerhead 08-10-2019 Pending -2/0Sent LOR, 2 cards, and SASE 
cameronkirwan03 08-04-201908-15-2019Success 111/1Sent a '17 Classics base card, returned signed in black inscribed with #72. Thanks Ed! 
Panthermatt 07-28-201904-24-2020Success 2711/1Sent a 1990 Pro Set football card. Received the card back signed and inscribed with his jersey number. Thanks Mr. Jones! 
TNenforcer 07-23-201905-19-2020Success 3011/1Sent 1 card, SASE, and LOR - Recieved signed in blue ink
zonino 07-19-201904-20-2020Success 2764/4  
GoStLCards 07-17-201904-20-2020Success 2782/2  
chicagobullsjoe 07-08-201905-12-2020Success 3092/2Sent 2 cards and SASE
Myerhead 06-27-2019 Pending -1/0Sent LOR, SASE, and 1 8x10. 
Zrianna08 06-24-201907-01-2019Success 71/1  
steagald85 06-18-201907-01-2019Success 131/1  
Moxieh 05-13-201906-04-2019Success 223/3Returned 3/3. Thank you Mr. Jones 
Gatorfan526 04-19-201911-15-2019Failure 2101/0LOR, trading card and return postage - write off 
Redsox1253 04-10-201904-27-2019Success 171/1Sent 8x10 
coreyfelts08 04-01-201904-12-2019Success 111/11/1. Trading card, SASE, LOR. Signed in Black. Thanks, Too Tall! 
Rcshooter22 03-26-201905-04-2019Success 392/2sent mr jones 2 cards he signed both ,so cool 
twinsfan83 03-20-201904-26-2019Success 372/2Two 4x6 photos 
Beastmode828 03-16-2019 Pending -1/0Sent 1 card 
Beastmode828 03-16-2019 Pending -1/0sent 1 card 
quickstraw 03-14-201903-30-2019Success 161/1Sent 8 x 10; trying this again since I've seen many recent successes ... Signed and added #72 
AJF77 03-10-201903-30-2019Pending 191/0follow me on Instagram @ttm_cards1 
Calebssportscards 02-24-201903-09-2019Success 133/3TTM's for Bruce
StarrsCards 02-22-201904-01-2019Success 371/1Sent a 1989 Topps and got the 2017 Classics I sent him in July!! Amazing that he’s been holding onto my card for that long.
cangle64 02-19-201903-01-2019Success 101/11979 Topps. Signed in blue #72. Thank you! 
Restau21 02-13-201902-23-2019Success 101/184 Topps signed in black. Sweet success on 2nd try. Thank You Mr. Jones 
Ky1603 02-08-201902-14-2019Success 61/11985 Topps 
Danmay55 02-04-201902-16-2019Success 121/1Signed it! 
tc123 02-02-201903-01-2019Success 271/1Sent Card 
Figman75 01-22-201902-01-2019Success 101/1Sent 2017 Classic 
Vick1jj 01-15-201902-05-2019Success 211/1Sent LOR, SASE, and 2018 Panini Classics, received back in black sharpie with #72 inscribed 
EnSeguida 01-04-201902-01-2019Success 282/2  
Craiggb 01-02-201902-04-2019Success 334/5  
Smafigus 12-05-201812-24-2018Success 192/2Signed 1977 topps and 2005 upper deck legends 
tous2 12-03-201801-02-2019Success 301/1Sent 1 card, letter and sase, Came back great! Thanks 
RIFF RAFF 77 09-29-201812-15-2018Success 771/1  
StarrsCards 07-29-201801-28-2021Failure 9141/0This is odd. Asked for money yet he sent me 2 extra cards (not signed)!
RacinDan 06-21-2018 Pending -3/0  
fishking 04-03-2018 Pending -1/01 card 
Danmay55 03-28-201801-09-2021Failure 10181/1sent custom pic price list and unsigned 
aqscards 03-12-2018 Pending -1/0  
Baldones 10-31-201703-24-2018Success 1442/2Two 8 by 10's Signed both in Blue Sharpie and some inscriptions. Thanks Ed! 
quickstraw 08-07-201703-14-2019Failure 5841/0Sent 8 x 10 .. w/o; been well over a year 
jjack0115 07-13-2017 Pending -1/0  
Wyattket88 07-10-2017 Pending -1/0  
Restau21 04-25-201704-25-2018Failure 3651/0Write Off 
Tombrady123 04-09-201705-06-2017Success 271/1  
NTREV2000 03-06-201703-25-2017Success 181/1signed my 8x10!! 
jacobgallipeau 02-22-2017 Pending -2/0  
TideCards 01-19-201701-30-2017Success 112/22/2 in black. Check it out on instagram: Tenacious_TTMs 
YankeeFan22 01-14-201701-15-2017Pending 13/0  
nysportsxtra 12-28-201612-28-2016Pending 01/0  
zooiiks 12-16-201601-03-2017Success 181/1Signed my 8x10. Sent LOR, SASE and 8x10
23jumpman 12-10-201612-21-2016Success 112/2signed 2 cards nicely in black 
chazeroom 12-03-201612-21-2016Success 183/3date received is approximate (I was away) 
mrdavidjb 10-17-201610-27-2016Success 101/1Autographed 1982 Topps Football Card. Came post marked from Louisiana.
Bmallory410 09-01-201609-12-2016Success 113/3Send 3 cards received them all signed 
Donhutson 08-08-201611-24-2016Success 1081/1Resending with 1 card and SASE. signed card 
momopredator 07-12-201607-29-2016Success 173/3Sent a LOR, SASE, and 3 trading cards. Ed Jones signed all 3 and inscribed 1 as asked . Thank you!
Donhutson 07-05-201608-09-2016Success 353/3Sent LOR, questions and 3 cards. Signed cards but no questions answered 
jrheffy 06-09-201606-20-2016Success 112/2Signed 2 Cards, Thanks Edr 
BFCUniverse 05-12-2016 Pending -1/0Sent 1 1985 Topps Football Card, No Donation, Hope This One Turns Out Well! 
Thunderfoot 04-21-201605-10-2016Success 192/2signed 88 topps, 89 pro set, 19 days, Thanks Ed! 
Ebys23 04-14-201605-13-2016Success 291/184 Topps- signed in blue 
ThrowUpTheXCards 04-01-201604-18-2016Success 173/3  
JeffFMcCormack 02-15-201603-02-2016Success 161/1I sent a 1986 Topps Card, handwritten letter, and SASE. I received a 1986 Topps Card signed! He wrote "#72" under his autograph! Only 16 days! Thank you so much Mr. Jones!
mrREALiTi 01-10-2016 Failure -1/0  
Saint On Sundays 12-24-201501-15-2016Success 221/1  
Hobey21 12-17-201512-29-2015Success 121/1Signed a card! Great success from a great player! Thank you Mr. Jones! 12 Days! 
jrheffy 11-30-201512-11-2015Success 111/11981 Topps Card Signed, Thanks Ed 
docgallie 11-25-201512-08-2015Success 135/5  
Hobey21 11-13-201511-27-2015Success 141/1Signed a 4x6! Great success from a great player! Thank you Mr. Jones! 14 Days! 
flutie13 11-12-201511-27-2015Success 151/1Smudged, but still awesome to get back 
K5bulldog 11-09-201511-28-2015Success 191/1Signed! 
ThrowUpTheXCards 10-21-201510-31-2015Success 103/3TOO TALL 
SyxxSynse 09-01-201509-21-2015Success 201/11990 card. 20 days. Thanks, Mr. Jones!
Royals1982 08-20-201509-03-2015Success 143/3signed 3 photos in blue sharpie! great signer! 
Royals1982 08-20-201509-03-2015Success 143/3signed 3 photos in blue sharpie! great signer 
Fortune500 08-15-201508-25-2015Success 101/1Sent one 8x10 
BSRice 08-10-201508-24-2015Success 142/2 
frazier114 07-11-201508-03-2015Success 236/6sent 1 card and 5 4x6 pictures and got all 6 back signed awesome
dunkanarchy 07-06-201508-04-2015Success 291/1Signed card I sent, didn't return it in penny sleeve I sent it in. 
ageraci 07-01-201507-13-2015Success 120/22 mini pictures- the same EXACT size of a regular base football card 
Turtleman101 06-14-201507-03-2015Success 192/2Great Signature thanks Ed 
grifnutz 06-09-201506-25-2015Success 161/11981 Topps 
frazier114 05-28-201506-12-2015Success 152/2sent 1 card and 1 4x6 picture and got both back signed awesome success
NYYanks2016 05-26-201506-11-2015Success 161/1Signed my 1986 Topps Football. Card got a little bent in the mail which is upsetting, but a great success none the less!! 
IronLion409 05-11-201506-09-2015Success 292/2Signed 2 Cards! 
bravesfanfromny 05-05-201505-16-2015Success 111/1Check out all my daily success and please also click like. 
BBonds25 04-24-201505-01-2015Success 72/21983 Topps and 1990 Pro Set Super Bowl Supermen. Only took about a week. Thanks "Too Tall"! 
tburton 04-18-201505-01-2015Success 134/3Card, Letter and SASE, offered one 
DMackie 04-10-201504-14-2015Success 41/1Sent Cowboys mini helmet.Returned signed in super fast time
lesboulez 03-27-201504-07-2015Success 112/2Signed 78 Topps in black sharpie, 2001 Topps Archives in blue sharpie 
Coltron57 03-16-201504-06-2015Success 212/22 4x6 photos. Signed both in blue. 
jaymz887 03-13-201503-23-2015Success 101/1Sent 1 mini football and a gift got ball signed and inscribed 
benlee66 03-10-201503-24-2015Success 143/33 TCs 
TheNickster17 03-05-201503-23-2015Success 173/1Sent SASE, LOR, 1979 Topps, and Two Index Cards. | Reiceved 1979 Topps signed, index cards unsigned. Still cool success! 
joeyw 02-27-201503-13-2015Success 134/4  
w8lifter28 02-23-201503-13-2015Success 171/1Signed and inscribed my white filler card
34BoJackson16 02-21-201502-28-2015Success 71/1(1) 1976 Topps RC. 1 week return! Super fast, thanks Ed! 
EKritzell 01-31-201502-07-2015Success 72/2Signed 1988 Topps and 1990 Pro Set Superbowl Supermen 
cardcollector1946 01-24-201502-17-2015Success 243/3No "too tall" inscription like asked signed ed jones with #72. Great guy 
spikeowen 01-24-201502-07-2015Success 145/576 Topps rc, 85t, 86t, 89 ps, and 09 UD Cowboys card - Awesome Success, Thanks Mr. Too Tall!
marty77 12-27-201401-20-2015Success 242/21986 and 1988 Topps
BLawson87 12-15-201401-20-2015Success 361/1Sent 1 photo; returned signed. 
Raiderprty 11-17-201411-25-2014Success 81/1signed in sharpie with jni number 
chazeroom 11-13-201411-26-2014Success 131/11990 Superbowl Supermen #78 
NotreDame 10-21-201401-03-2015Success 741/1Sent custom 8x10, Thanks! 
Hwood65 10-16-201410-29-2014Success 132/2Great return! Thanks Mr. Jones. 
Calebssportscards 10-01-201410-11-2014Success 102/2 check it out 
johnedreiling 08-29-201409-08-2014Success 101/1Fast return!! Great signature!! Thank you Mr. Jones
DownGoesFrazier 08-26-201409-08-2014Success 131/12013 Topps Archives signed...Thanks a bunch, Ed!! 
Redsox1253 08-08-201408-16-2014Success 81/1So sweet first time sending a football to be signed and it came out great!!! 
Saint On Sundays 07-14-201408-05-2014Success 221/1  
bickel84 06-26-201408-04-2014Success 391/1Signed 84 Topps card and inscribed with #72. 
redrocker98ta 06-14-201406-21-2014Success 71/1  
gottahaveautos451 06-10-201406-21-2014Success 111/1sent 1 Topps card. Signed in Blue sharpie. Thanks 
mikedmatthews 05-06-201405-27-2014Success 214/4 
frazier114 03-29-201404-26-2014Success 285/5killer succes from Cowboys legend 1 topps card and 4 pics all signed
Riggs 02-17-201404-25-2014Success 662/2signed 2 8x10's. 
Coltron57 02-12-201402-22-2014Success 102/12 4x6 photos. Signed in black. 
wilcow 01-03-201401-18-2014Success 151/1signed mini helmet 
jbh0629 12-28-201301-09-2014Success 122/2Sent 2 cards; both signed in blue sharpie 
jaymz887 11-17-201311-27-2013Success 102/2sent my 89 proset and 89 topps got both returned signed
padsdsu 11-12-201311-26-2013Success 142/2x2 89 Pro Set signed in black sharpie 
redrocker98ta 11-02-201311-25-2013Success 231/1  
Baseball Guru 44 10-19-201312-10-2013Success 522/2Sent 2 8X10's, received both signed 
bigsportsfan1 09-21-201311-05-2013Success 451/1  
underbuck6 03-08-201303-10-2013Success 21/1Great success, thank you Mr. Jones! 
treywilson757 01-12-201301-29-2013Success 171/1  
TideFanDan 12-21-201201-08-2013Success 181/1So excited. Thanks Too Tall. Love this one. 
TxOutLaw 12-14-201201-07-2013Success 242/2Sent 8x10 & Card & sase & LOR....I guess its a Success Although the 8x10 and card is Trash I guess he spilled liquid on everything signed and returned it! 
LRV 12-13-201212-26-2012Success 131/1Signed 1988 Topps Cowboys Card 
bigbrownsfan 11-21-201212-10-2012Success 191/0Signed my 85 Topps card very happy with this one 
lizard-jd 10-31-201211-17-2012Success 172/2Signed my 2 CICs - TY! 
sportstats 10-23-201211-27-2012Success 351/1Great card for my collection 
ChuckXGoren 10-15-201210-27-2012Success 121/1  
coxnick93 09-02-201209-29-2012Success 271/1sent 1 card, came back signed 
JoFo1116 08-28-201209-21-2012Success 241/1signed my 2005 Upper Deck Legends 
Baseball Guru 44 08-01-201210-01-2012Success 611/1Sent Football Card, received back signed. Inscribed #72 
bcommerce 07-10-201207-26-2012Success 164/4Sent 4 Cards One for him to keep! Returned all 4 Signed!! 
jrthurmer 05-31-201207-16-2012Success 461/1Sent note and SASE
phillyboi90 04-08-201207-03-2012Success 862/2  
bcommerce 02-15-201203-16-2012Success 292/2Signed and inscribed both cards. Did not sign IC's. 
RichSlyFox14 02-06-201202-18-2012Success 121/1  
dennissmithhof 01-13-201202-02-2012Success 202/2  
just for the fun 01-12-201202-03-2012Success 221/1signed topps card, thanks mr. jones 
redrocker98ta 12-17-201103-12-2012Success 852/2Signed both cards in black sharpie, thanks Ed 
JMelz 12-01-201112-12-2011Success 112/2Signed 1981 Topps, 1989 ProSet 
kyleEMT 10-21-201111-05-2011Success 151/1  
wolfman4christ 10-12-201110-24-2011Success 121/1  
Jeremy_Falcons 08-26-201103-12-2012Success 1991/1 
brendenw 08-22-201110-16-2011Success 551/0sent SASE + Letter + 4x6 photo Date Recieved is WRONG. Did recieve signed though! 
be.connors 08-17-201108-29-2011Success 122/2Was a great player happy to get him back good and fast signer! 
REDANDGOLDPRIDE 08-12-201103-19-2012Success 2201/1Signed 8x10. 
TTMauto22 08-10-201103-12-2012Success 2152/0Signed 1/1 took longer that other people for some reason 
coltsfan 07-22-201107-29-2011Success 71/1sent 79 topps card signed in black sharpie with number inscription 
YankeesFan4Life 07-15-201107-28-2011Success 132/2Signed a 4x6 and a Cowboys pennant !!! 
RedsFanatic21 06-16-201107-05-2011Success 192/22 smeared signatures with a black sharpie so he signed in blue in a different area. Success? 
cardsaregreat 06-08-201107-05-2011Success 273/1signed 1 card thanks alot great addition for collection .. 
RyanRizz715 06-01-201107-05-2011Success 341/14x6 in Black Ink. 
bball15fan 05-26-201106-03-2011Success 81/1SI 8x10 
Gridiron63 05-19-201106-01-2011Success 132/2Signed both in black sharpie and added #72. Thanks Mr. Jones! Fast return! 
NewYork77 05-15-201105-30-2011Success 151/1Nice legit auto. Inscribed his #. 
REDANDGOLDPRIDE 05-14-201105-31-2011Success 172/2Signed a '97 UD Legends and a SB Supermen card. Thanks Ed!
BigRedMachine 04-28-201105-09-2011Success 111/1Personalized my 8x10.
jmf42397 04-27-201105-07-2011Success 102/2Signed card and custom in black sharpie. 
RockiesFan33 04-13-201104-26-2011Success 131/1Signed my custom.
arfmax 03-02-201103-12-2011Success 102/290 Pro Set Super Bowl Supermen x2 
Oxxon 02-25-201104-11-2011Success 441/1  
vikesfan40 01-25-201102-16-2011Success 221/1  
jeremysowder 01-24-201102-14-2011Success 212/2Signed both my cards in black sharpie. Great Signer. 
lizard-jd 01-20-201102-14-2011Success 252/1Personalized my custom & kept the extra I made for him.
REDANDGOLDPRIDE 01-03-201101-18-2011Success 151/1Signed custom.
lambeauleap87 12-30-201001-18-2011Success 191/1Signed My Card In Black Sharpie. 
ChuckXGoren 10-15-200910-26-2012Success 11071/0PLEASE DELETE-- wrong 'sent' date selected 
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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 2
# of Success: 1  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 1
Added by:LeJHa   Added on: 03-08-2014
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
delones24 04-17-2017 Pending -3/089 Topps x2, 89 Pro Set 
LeJHa 02-10-201402-17-2014Success 73/2Sent 3 Index Cards and received all 3 back but 2 were signed. 


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