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Jack Nicklaus Addresses Report   Sport: Golf

Player overall success: 82%

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Address success percentage: 80%    
Total number of submission on this address: 107
# of Success: 77  # of Failed: 19  # of Pending: 11
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on: 05-22-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
kdog650 07-26-2020 Pending -2/0Sent a playing card and fan letter 
joshcockerham 07-08-202008-04-2020Failure 273/3RTS; Not Deliverable As Addressed; Unable to Forward 
kevindamico 07-05-202007-25-2020Failure 203/0returned address 
gfast12 06-16-202007-13-2020Failure 271/1RTS unable to forward. Will try a different address 
PRozay24 05-12-202006-30-2020Success 491/01972 Sports Illustrated
FlyOrDieGuy1992 04-29-202005-21-2020Success 221/1Sent SASE,1 photo,no fee,signed in black sharpie
mcarlson29 04-27-202006-20-2020Success 541/1  
GRombach13 03-09-202005-04-2020Success 561/12002 Upper Deck 
Tyson1107 02-08-202002-28-2020Success 201/1Sent and email to his receptionist and was sent a signed 8x10, for free! Thanks Mr Nicklaus!! 
BroadStreetBullie 01-20-2020 Failure -2/0RTS Unable to Forward 
Supup 01-06-202005-04-2020Success 1181/1Signed nicely in black. 
pokemonclub 09-17-201910-07-2019Failure 201/0RTS - Insufficient Address 
Dodgers3222 09-08-201909-28-2019Failure 201/1Returned to sender by post office. Maybe he's no longer at this office?? 
ardaniel 07-08-201908-12-2019Success 351/0Sent LOR and golf ball. Received a nice signature. 
RobLind 05-11-201906-29-2019Success 491/12019 Masters Flag - LOR, Donation, SASE - (see my previous post for Jack) 
qbdan14 05-07-201908-20-2019Success 1052/2Sent 2 8X10 photos and received them back signed! 
RobLind 04-20-2019 Failure -1/02019 Masters Flag - LOR, Donation, SASE - I put wrong suite number, they return to sender; will try again 
RIFF RAFF 77 04-01-201907-31-2020Failure 4871/0  
srenaud 03-19-201904-05-2019Failure 171/1Return to sender...unable to forward!?!?! 
ahuggins81 03-15-201907-17-2019Success 1240/1Sent LOR asking for an autograph and got one back signed beautifully.
lizard-jd 01-30-201907-01-2019Success 1513/3Mr, Nicklaus signed all items requested - ball & scorecards, TY. 
cfish2003 12-17-2018 Pending -0/0Sent a card and SASE 
tilt122 12-16-201801-18-2019Success 331/1Asking for a photo since he wont sign cards-signed 8x10! 
Craiggb 12-11-201807-15-2019Success 2151/1  
Piester 10-07-201811-09-2018Success 331/1Didn't sign card sent a signed 8x10 
Lapo0013 09-11-201809-29-2018Success 181/1Sent an IC for project. Didn’t sign card, but sent a signed 8x10 inscribed to me. Pretty cool 
Raiderman12 08-06-201808-27-2018Success 212/2both signed in black sharpie thank mr nicklaus! 
Raiderman12 08-06-201808-27-2018Success 212/2  
Figo79 07-19-201809-06-2018Success 492/2Sent 2 photo's and recieved both Back.... What a CHAMPION 
jimrice1978 06-23-201810-29-2018Success 1281/1Signed photo 
Baldones 05-07-201806-22-2018Failure 464/0R T S Send to The Address Below Old Harbour Rd. I Think this office closed down. 
lizard-jd 04-20-201805-26-2018Success 361/1Personalized a nice 8x10 of him & me. 
kevinh 03-07-201808-15-2018Success 1602/0Sent a couple golf for me, one for a charity event...sent a donation to Jack's charity too. They both look awesome! Donated one to to help find a cure for Parkinsons. Thank you Jack! 
Thepatman1985 01-29-201803-23-2018Success 521/1signed my 86 Masters 17th green putt photo 
NYYanks2016 08-15-201709-20-2017Success 361/1Sent and 8x11 of his famous Masters putt. Received it back signed. Such a great success! Thank you Golden Bear! 
Jennings033 02-15-201703-13-2017Success 251/18x10 
Bmallory410 08-09-201608-15-2016Failure 61/1Sent 1 8x10, received a handwritten note back saying they were backed up 6-8 months and to try again then. 
tbeau 08-08-201608-17-2016Failure 91/0Sent my 11x14 SI Cover. Returned unsigned with secretarial note stating "due to increased autograph demand, please send back in 6-8 months" 
Yankees1313 07-03-2016 Pending -2/0Sent a golf glove, and a 4'by 6' and blue pen! Asked him to personalize! Fingers Crossed! 
CelciusII 06-01-2016 Pending -1/0  
bigbenjobu 03-11-201605-02-2016Success 511/1Signed and personalized 4 x 6 for my dad
rudeboy 01-19-201604-21-2016Success 921/1Trying again, LOR, SASE, 11x14, Sharpie....Kept the Sharpie. Signed in Black Personalized. If you want a pic, send me a message 
bigbenjobu 01-16-201602-16-2016Success 311/1 
CurseReversed04 11-23-201505-02-2016Success 1601/18x10 with Palmer and Player -- finished the big three! 
kactusjakk 11-20-2015 Pending -1/0Sent one IC, LOR, SASE. Hoping I get the card to go in a project with a Palmer one... 
1956WS 11-19-201502-13-2016Success 862/22 4x6 photos. I asked him to personalize one for my dad who was turning 80 in January and he did! Thank you, Mr. Nicklaus!
SaturnXL 10-29-201511-28-2015Success 302/1Did not sign cards, but did personalize 8x10. 
kar256 10-23-201511-27-2015Success 351/1sent a tournament badge to him signed by arnold palmer, he signed it! now twp autos from two golf legends omg! 
rudeboy 10-14-201511-28-2015Failure 450/0Sent LOR, SASE, and a ROMLB. Ball came back unsigned with this note: Jack does not sign baseballs. 
mojoheat 10-05-2015 Pending -1/0  
kactusjakk 09-05-201510-30-2015Success 553/1Sent LOR, SASE, 11x14 and 2 IC - signed the 11x14!! 
taaamps 08-03-201510-27-2015Success 851/1Sent back pic I sent him and personalized. Nice score! 
BSRice 07-25-201509-14-2015Success 511/1Signed 8x10 
casinojunkie13 07-11-201507-28-2015Success 173/3signed 3 4x6 .... 1 was all ready signed by Lee Trevino Great return 
air44bg 06-30-201507-20-2015Success 202/2Sent (2) 4 x 6 photos & he signed both. 
jbh0629 06-08-201507-11-2015Success 332/1Sent 2 cards; received cards back unsigned with a signed 8x10 
NYYanks2016 06-06-2015 Pending -1/0  
bigbenjobu 06-03-201507-10-2015Success 371/1Signed and personalized 4 x 6 photo. Great success 
tburton 06-01-201506-12-2015Failure 114/0Card, Letter and SASE - Send cards back with a note saying he does not sign cards due to a conflict of interest 
bigfish27 05-31-201507-10-2015Success 401/14x6 inscribed to me. Very Nice success 
agl519 05-23-201506-19-2015Success 271/18x10, personalized to my wife and I (based off our return address stamp) 
Schmenge 05-12-201512-01-2015Success 2031/0SASE 8X10, fingers crossed 
JimCant 04-28-201506-18-2015Success 511/1Sent 8x10 photo with SASE. Came back personalized in black sharpie and with inscription. Beautiful signature!
bickel84 04-28-201506-19-2015Success 520/1Sent letter and SASE requesting signed 8x10...received signed photo. 
Gheydin77 04-03-201504-16-2015Failure 132/2Returned golfballs unsigned in SASE with Note saying jack doesn't sign golfballs, sorry 
eaglesrock55 03-23-201505-08-2015Success 460/1sent letter asking for signed picture. Amazing picture signed out to me! 
Ebys23 03-09-2015 Pending -0/0sent letter requesting signed photo 
brrice96 02-09-2015 Pending -1/0  
kactusjakk 02-04-201503-09-2015Success 322/2Sent 2 items, sharpie, LOR and SASE...Requested inscription for my dad.. - Received both, 1 inscribed to me and one to my dad!! 
rchurchward 01-01-201501-16-2015Success 151/1Sent original 11x14 pop art style painting. Received signed beautifully in black. 
hollidaydoc2 09-05-201410-21-2014Success 461/1sent 8x10, didn't sign index card 
DownGoesFrazier 08-26-201409-06-2014Failure 111/0Received unsigned with a note saying he cannot sign trading cards. 
gopherz22 08-13-201408-29-2014Success 161/1Success!!! Signed my OMLB in black ink on the sweet spot. Super excited. Thanks Jack. 
ktam12 07-15-201407-29-2014Success 141/1Sent 8x10, LOR and SASE. Asked for auto and HoF 74 inscription.
raywhite24 07-14-201407-25-2014Success 111/1Returned card unsigned but sent signed 8x10 photo signed in black 
alf7624 07-09-201407-30-2014Success 211/1Sent SASE, LOR, ROMLB, BIC Blue Pen... Asked for a possible inscription. Got signed baseball back. signed it with black sharpie, but trust me, I'm not upset in the least bit. amazing addition to my collection. thank you Mr Nicklaus!! 
Kmbtheone 06-14-201407-05-2014Success 211/1Sent me a signed 8x10. I asked him not to personalize it and he didnt 
MichaelDang 06-02-201407-07-2014Success 352/22 Photos signed w/ 2 different inscriptions! Thanks! 
TTM4LIFE 04-14-201405-03-2014Pending 191/14x6 
CubsPackersOilers 03-28-201404-24-2014Success 271/1signed/personalized 8x10. 
Coltron57 01-13-201401-28-2014Success 152/22 4x6 photos. Both personalized in black. 
BIGhouse247 12-10-201301-28-2013Success -3161/1  
chefsanders 11-18-201312-17-2013Success 290/1Sent sase 
CardPro77 09-14-201310-01-2013Success 170/1Sent a letter requesting an autographed phot and got it! 
Jeremy_Falcons 08-21-201309-13-2013Success 231/1 
#1tigersfans 08-21-201308-26-2013Success 51/1Sent a 1991 PGA Tour card. Got back my card unsigned. But got a signed 8x10 inscribed To me, Best of luck Jack Nicklaus. Very happy to receive this! 
rcgdodge 08-05-201308-19-2013Success 141/1Awesome return!!!! So excited to get this back!! Sent Jack a score card from Pebble Beach, it would look awesome with my signed Arnie score card!!! 
csjmcc 07-19-201308-07-2013Success 190/1Great looking pic, and inscribed! 
FlyersFan 06-30-201307-22-2013Success 221/122 Days for one of my favorite athletes of all time! Signed ROMLB on the Sweet Spot with a black sharpie. 
chefsanders 06-17-201307-01-2013Success 140/2Sent 8x10 SASE. Received 2 8x10's personalized to my kids. Thanks Jack! 
Riggs 06-14-201306-29-2013Success 152/2signed & personalized two 5x7's. look amazing. 
Bryan81 06-13-201307-01-2013Success 180/1Sent nice 8x10 signed picture
sanfrangiants55 05-19-201306-20-2013Success 320/1sent LOR; received 8x10 signed and personalized! 
scoot51015 05-03-201305-22-2013Success 191/1Signed Masters pin flag 
lizard-jd 03-09-201303-28-2013Success 182/2Signed two multiplayer signed 8x10s - TY! Sent to same addy but Suite #500. 
Colts15 12-01-201203-18-2013Success 1061/1Sent letter and a Pro Set card...they sent an 8x10, definitely not AP, personalized to me with my card unsigned with SASE, still awesome! 
poppincurbs 11-07-201203-15-2013Success 1271/1Sent 8x10, LOR, SASE. GOT BACK SIGNED/PERSONALIZED!!! 
comfortably9numb 07-27-201209-01-2012Success 362/1didn't sign cards, but sent an 8x10, not sure if it is AP or not. none the less its a cool picture 
scoot51015 02-21-201204-17-2012Success 552/1Did not sign what I sent 
Allistor 01-28-201204-12-2012Success 741/1Signed and personalized an 8x10. Someone at the post office added extra postage too. Thanks Mr. Nicklaus! 
JayHo7284 12-19-201104-11-2012Failure 1131/0Sent golf ball back unsigned. 
JayHo7284 12-19-201104-11-2012Success 1131/1Sent signed personalized 8x10 
lizard-jd 10-27-201112-03-2011Success 372/2Personalized 2 pics of my boys during their golf swings as I requested - they look fantastic. The GOAT golfer! 
indyreds 08-11-2011 Pending -1/0  
Iced_Knuckle_Puck 01-11-201104-16-2011Failure 941/0  
skinsfan0521 06-02-201006-25-2010Failure 232/0Sent LOR, SASE, 8x10 & 5x7 -- Returned my photos unsigned and included an 8x10 PP or AP 
mmalpedo01 01-15-201004-15-2010Success 891/2Signed and personalized huge lithograph and included an awesome personalized 8x10 
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Address success percentage: 75%    
Total number of submission on this address: 38
# of Success: 21  # of Failed: 7  # of Pending: 10
Added by:bebecerveza   Added on: 08-02-2011
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
zonino 04-23-202006-24-2020Success 620/1received a pre printed faximile signed photo. 
PhilZee93 04-21-202005-15-2020Success 240/1Requested autograph, got a signed 8x10 from the email address
dd2066282 04-17-2020 Pending -0/0  
mrwjcruckus 02-20-2020 Pending -0/0Sent email, says it's in the mail 
Snapper06 02-04-202002-10-2020Success 60/1sent request for 8x10 pic to be signed for my Dad for his b'day! Thanks Jack 
TheSportsFanCards 01-31-202002-05-2020Success 50/1Sent through website email. Received signed 8x10! 
Matchbeak 01-05-202001-27-2020Success 220/1Sent email. Received signed 8x10, thanks Jack! 
diegoqr35 12-14-201901-22-2020Success 390/1Sent email, received 8x10 signed. Thanks!! 
valeri20 08-08-201911-07-2019Success 910/1Sent an email requesting an autographed photo. Tried a second time 10/16/19.
nobzilla34 07-02-2019 Pending -1/0Sent email 
cwc24220 06-11-201906-24-2019Success 131/1Sent email to the contact link. Received a nice photo signed :) 
TNenforcer 06-08-2019 Failure -0/0Sent email 
J6868 05-21-2019 Pending -0/0sent a request for an autograph 
shaunreid77 04-18-201905-03-2019Success 150/1sent email, received signed photo
ahuggins81 03-15-201907-17-2019Success 1240/1Sent an email request 
cwbreaks 02-15-2019 Pending -0/0email sent 
johnedreiling 01-21-2019 Pending -0/0Requested a signed photo or ball for my daughter 
pmc14 10-27-2018 Pending -0/0  
Danmay55 03-01-201803-26-2018Success 240/1sent signed pic 
primetime27 01-25-201401-27-2014Failure 20/0Received response to send SASE. 
primetime27 08-28-201308-28-2013Failure 00/0Immediate message on website says to send SASE. Also got response to email asking for a SASE. 
Ryanmillerfan30 05-19-201306-13-2013Failure 250/0All of a sudden he wants a sase. I don't do those unless it's someone i really like and have something to be signed 
chefsanders 05-18-201306-17-2013Failure 300/0Email said to send SASE 
cava11aro 04-27-2013 Pending -0/0trying this one again 
treywilson757 04-14-201305-13-2013Success 290/1  
gojacks 04-10-201306-01-2013Success 521/1lets give it a try 
CRJSr9 04-07-201305-12-2013Success 350/1I sent him a email-asking for a autograph,a month later I got a signed 8x10 "to Chris best of luck" 
Irbe3201 04-01-201305-10-2013Success 390/1Received personalized 8x10 signed by Mr. Nicklaus! Thanks so much!!! 
Colts15 02-12-201303-18-2013Success 330/1they sent an 8x10, definitely not AP, personalized to me 
Csarge8 01-16-2013 Pending -0/0  
wongcastle 12-15-201201-15-2013Success 310/1received personalized signed color 8x10
goaliem26 11-22-201212-04-2012Success 120/1received a personalized 8x10 photo in the mail, looks like autopen though. I cannot see any sharpie marks of when he would of pressed down or let off when signing. 
cava11aro 10-22-2012 Pending -0/0  
jmfrank1 08-27-201211-08-2012Success 730/1amazing 8x10 signed and personalized by Jack 
primetime27 04-21-201201-16-2013Failure 2700/0sent 2nd request dec 5th since not received. 
bcommerce 12-19-201112-04-2012Failure 3510/0Writing this one off! 
Csarge8 11-04-201110-15-2014Success 10760/0  
bebecerveza 08-02-201110-31-2011Success 900/18X10 fantastic real signature with him from his greatest moments! 
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Address success percentage: 85%    
Total number of submission on this address: 77
# of Success: 50  # of Failed: 9  # of Pending: 18
Added by:antoine38   Added on: 08-19-2012
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
sycpet99 07-16-2020 Failure -4/0RTS. He's not accepting mail 
airport1975 07-11-2020 Pending -2/02001 upper deck golden bear cards 
white_rabbit 07-11-2020 Pending -3/0  
PPCLI1988 07-08-2020 Pending -2/0  
kkar 07-04-202007-13-2020Failure 92/0Returned unsigned. Letter stating getting too many auto requests. Also my request flagged as recurring request or item that does not meet guidelines for sig. Have never sent request before this. 
Atlantaman 07-01-202007-21-2020Failure 201/0RTS- not receiving mail at this time 
mellostello 06-29-2020 Pending -2/02 photos 
Oriolesrise 06-20-202007-22-2020Failure 321/001 UD RTS Not currently signing 
PorkCards67 06-09-202006-22-2020Success 131/1  
GoWarrior 06-04-202008-07-2020Failure 642/0two 11x14s and donation to foundation. RTS 
bboonie53 06-03-2020 Pending -3/08x10 
MadTownCards 06-02-202007-22-2020Failure 502/0Rts 
devin1991 05-20-2020 Pending -1/0Sent blank index card 
StayFreaky 05-20-202006-22-2020Success 331/18x10 signed in black sharpie. Thanks Mr Nicklaus!!!! StayFreaky34 on Instagram for pics 
Ebys23 05-19-2020 Pending -1/0  
MadCityCards 05-15-2020 Pending -1/0Funko pop box 
Buster28 05-13-2020 Pending -2/0Sent 2 8x10's. 
Carney 05-11-2020 Pending -1/0  
Piester 05-10-2020 Pending -1/0  
MadTownCards 05-04-202005-19-2020Success 152/22 8x10s no$ SIGNED BOTH thank you so much mr nicklaus 
zshopes28 05-03-2020 Pending -2/0  
Abneric 04-27-202005-18-2020Success 211/1WOW! Did not get pen back but got the baseball! Not as great sig as hoped but still awesome! 
BEastlake 04-20-202006-22-2020Success 634/4He signed all 4 cards! 
Wolverine 02-26-202004-21-2020Success 541/1Sent LOR, SASE and a pin flag. Returned signed in black. 
BroadStreetBullie 02-25-202004-23-2020Success 572/2(2) 8x10s with SASE 
greenskull 02-18-202004-23-2020Success 641/1Signed 4" x 6" photo. 
biggginal 01-13-202004-23-2020Success 1001/1awesome! 
ddisbrow29 01-03-202005-09-2020Success 1262/0Sent 2 UD cards, signed both in black sharpie 
dish142002 12-17-201904-25-2020Success 1292/2Signed two photos! 
TangoDelta 11-21-201901-27-2020Success 671/1Sent SASE, LOR, and 1991 Pro Set
white_rabbit 10-16-201901-27-2020Success 1031/1pro set card, thanks a lot Jack! 
Ebys23 09-23-201911-08-2019Success 464/4  
primer454 09-16-2019 Pending -1/0  
kandiclipper 08-26-201911-04-2019Success 702/2Ba bam! 2 back from jack! 
Brooksfamily 08-09-201910-25-2019Success 771/1  
bigd8690 08-09-201910-28-2019Success 802/2Sent two 8x10 and $20 donation. Received both photos. One personalized to my son in gold sharpie. 
ecfan 07-23-201908-19-2019Success 274/427 Days, Signed 4 Trading Cards.
Moxieh 06-27-201908-19-2019Success 533/3JACK NICKLAUS!! 
jackrose91 06-16-201907-07-2019Success 212/2sent 2 8x10s with LOR and SASE recieved both back signed and wrote my name on one and my brothers on the other 
Fastball627 06-03-201907-01-2019Success 281/1Sent to this address but return address on envelope was from first address on this page. 
jmfkustomz 05-21-201906-29-2019Success 391/1sent a 2019 Masters pin flag and received it back signed 
srenaud 04-16-2019 Pending -1/0sent SASE, letter and 5x7 photo 
Baldones 04-10-2019 Pending -2/0Sending Two Masters Flags and asking for Inscription. 
RookieB 04-04-201906-03-2019Success 601/1SASE/letter/8x10 - signed and personalized very nicely in black. Very happy with this return. Thx 
Noah54 03-18-2019 Pending -1/0'90 Pro Set, no donation 
zwemerzoo 03-11-201903-30-2019Success 192/2masters flag and us open champs flag 
Geno03 01-15-201906-03-2019Success 1381/1Sent Masters First Day Cover, signed in black sharpie. 
biggginal 01-07-201901-17-2019Success 104/4sent 4 vintage pieces - offered for him to keep 2 and sign 2 to send back - Signed all 4 and sent back ! 
Wjriii 01-03-201901-22-2019Success 191/1fee 
sycpet99 12-10-201801-17-2019Success 381/0Got Masters flag back signed. Personalized 
dish142002 11-01-201812-04-2018Success 332/0Signed 2 photos! Thanks Jack! 
Calebssportscards 10-20-201812-04-2018Success 451/14 x 6 photo signed for my friend 
zwemerzoo 09-19-201810-22-2018Success 334/4sase donation nicklaus childrens health care foundation added to all 4 major winners flags Mr Nicklaus you are the greatest and most generous!!! maybe send this with donation?
lizard-jd 09-16-201810-22-2018Success 362/2Signed 5 pound note & 8x10 pic previously signed by Arnold Palmer. 
RookieB 07-26-201808-30-2018Success 351/1Super excited to add this one to my collection. SASE/letter/photo. Thanks. 
Baldones 05-16-201807-19-2018Success 643/3Sending two Master flags and a Masters Card. Got em. Thanks to the Classiest Golfer ever Mr Nicklaus! 
Breck19D 04-12-201807-07-2018Success 862/2Sent 2 8x10s, LOR and SASE 
RobHarrington 03-12-201805-29-2018Success 781/1Signed one 4x6 photo. 
skiumah 03-07-201804-28-2018Success 511/1SAE, LOR, Donation Foundation 
yankeesfan1324 02-17-201804-30-2018Success 711/11 8x10, awesome success 
Miller54 02-13-201802-24-2018Success 111/1  
bboonie53 12-27-201701-20-2018Failure 241/0ROMLB/Post-it saying, "Jack doesn't sign balls" 
Czr073 12-15-201701-15-2018Success 311/1  
Figman75 10-30-201711-13-2017Failure 141/0Returned card unsigned with polite note saying he cannot sign trading cards. 
RobHarrington 09-25-201711-24-2017Success 602/1Signed one 4x6 photo. 
puck34 09-08-201709-30-2017Success 222/2Sent 2 photos and both came back signed. Great success from a legend. 
lizard-jd 07-25-201708-02-2017Success 81/1Signed Masters flag with all 6 winning years - I received permission in person prior to sending which is why it was back in a week. 
Wyattket88 07-10-2017 Pending -1/0  
RookieB 06-28-201707-26-2018Failure 3931/0It’s been well over a year, with lots of others getting theirs back after I sent mine. I’m sadly giving up on getting this one back. 
marty77 06-05-201706-19-2017Success 141/1  
shemer27 05-30-201706-20-2017Success 211/1Sent 1 card 
gopherz99 03-14-201703-27-2017Success 130/18x10 signed with Arnie / Player already. Thanks Jack 
Mitchell2314 02-17-201702-27-2017Success 102/2Sent 2 photos. Signed both in black shaprie! 
petedah3at 02-03-201702-10-2017Success 71/1Sent 5x7 with letter and SASE. Received it back a week later sent with his own envelope and his own stamps and "photo do not bend" written on it. Very impressed!! Such a legend.
Calebssportscards 11-07-2016 Pending -1/04 x 6 photo 
zooiiks 10-29-201601-21-2017Success 841/1The most exciting thing about ttm is when you get a legend in the mail! Sent LOR, SASE and 8x10
antoine38 08-20-201208-27-2012Success 74/4Signed all my cards in a week, Awesome
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Address success percentage: 94%    
Total number of submission on this address: 21
# of Success: 16  # of Failed: 1  # of Pending: 4
Instruction:send email
Added by:nfonzi   Added on: 06-07-2017
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Jacobdanielsyt 07-14-202007-20-2020Success 60/1Sent Email. Came back with a 8x10 fake signature tho. 
norse4 07-13-202007-18-2020Success 50/1email requesting autograph/ received 8X10 pre-print photo 
BrandonPyc 07-08-202007-13-2020Success 50/1Computerized signature. Very generous! Arrived on my son’s birthday! Thank you Mr. Nicklaus!
TripleTTyler50 06-09-202006-24-2020Pending 150/0  
BayAreaJavy 05-19-202007-13-2020Success 550/1received a pre printed 8x10 
ste513lee 05-14-202007-16-2020Success 630/0  
MadTownCards 04-24-2020 Pending -0/0Sent an email 
yankeesgiants2000 04-11-202005-06-2020Success 250/2Got 2. One for myself and my dad. 
StarrsCards 03-19-202004-20-2020Success 320/1Sent a email and got a 8x10!
zjlwolves3 03-02-202005-08-2020Success 660/1Signed Photo 
primetime27 01-24-202002-07-2020Success 140/1Received a signed picture. 
diegoqr35 12-14-201902-11-2020Success 590/1Received a signed picture, thanks! 
Player Hawk 10-02-2019 Pending -0/0Sent a LOR via e-mail. 
MarcusJohnson 09-16-201909-21-2019Success 50/1Very cool signed picture! 
cincybigred 08-27-201909-03-2019Success 70/1  
masonmack56 08-21-201908-26-2019Success 50/0Received signed photo 
Brooksfamily 06-09-201907-15-2019Success 361/1  
primetime27 01-03-2019 Failure -0/0duplicate please delete 
primetime27 01-03-201901-23-2019Success 200/1Received signed personalized picture. 
DaveS 03-04-2018 Pending -0/0  
nfonzi 06-05-201706-10-2017Success 50/1  
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Address success percentage: 75%    
Total number of submission on this address: 5
# of Success: 3  # of Failed: 1  # of Pending: 1
Instruction:new e-mail address
Added by:PavsBure96   Added on: 01-04-2018
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
IAK683 05-15-202006-13-2020Success 290/1Sent A Signed Photo Coumputer Sig Thanks Mr. Nicklaus 
diegoqr35 12-14-2019 Pending -0/0Sent email, wish for the best. 
steagald85 10-16-201911-04-2019Success 190/1  
DaveS 03-04-201803-17-2018Failure 120/0Received email telling me to mail a SASE to receive an autograph. 
PavsBure96 01-04-201802-07-2018Success 340/1sent nice e-mail requesting autograph, received signed 8x10 
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Added by:DaveS   Added on: 03-18-2018
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   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
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Instruction:First When You Are Doing Him Call Nicklaus Companies 561- 227 - 0300
Added by:IAK683   Added on: 08-04-2020
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage


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