Could someone please help me estimate the value of a card mostly from the mags. For instance,these cards:

2002 Stadium Club of Jagr #5. Ok. Now its gold lettering and a serial number of 188/20. Also, it is a Photographer's Proof. +! I would give it an 8.5 due to a milimeter of white showing on the side.?????

2002/3 Rookie Update. Rookie Role Models. Split pictures,both of Mario. Serial # 286/999????

2002/3 Rookie Inspirations. Adam Hall/Adam Deadmarsh. 732/1200. 2 game-used jerseys. One black one blue??????

What I am saying is that the breakdowns in the info. confuses me.

Generally spaced & recovering from a fun teen aged life,

beacause I have high friends in places.