I just won a 2002 Topps TJ Duckett rookie photo shoot auction on ebay. If you don't know anything about these cards they are a print run of 25 but that is very secretive, these are unbeilavably scarce and they are his rc, meaning the first 25 are signed, they aren't of a different subset. If you don't know anything about Duckett shame on you. He is big and fast and agile, he only played a handful of games last year but his yardage per game was awesome. Also he is only getting better because Micheal Vick will get better, and with Peerless Price that spreads out the defense even further, and Duckett hits the hole hard, he will get very good. I am selling this card for a straight up $100 and that includes conformation insured shipping. I am also willing to trade this card for the right offer of vintage, rc or auto(s). If you are interested please let me know and we will go in pending until I receive the card which will probably be late next week. Thanks for looking.