here are some cards i have if anyone is interested
2003 score rookies
bennie joppru, william joseph, jason whitten, andre woolfolk, rien long, terrell suggs, jerome mcdougal, terence newman, kevin curtis, doug gabriel, larry johnson, labrandon toefield, dave ragone, kevin williams
2003 score misc.
bledsoe numbers game #/4359
mike vick base card
also mike vick 2002 ovation base card
1993 sp foil
dan wilkinson, heath shuler, willie mcginnist, bryant young, antonio langham, john thierry, aaron glee, charles johnson, dewayne washington, greg hill, william floyd, darnay scott, eric rhett, charlie garner, johnnie morton, derrick alexander, thomas lewis, david palmer
i also have a marshall faulk from the same set but i'd need something good in return