first of all i must say


i think we are finally headed in the right direction with parcells - just wish he would stick around long enough to see us to another super bowl but i have a feeling jerry won't let him.

QB & RB are issues but my main concern is O-Line. if Chutch or Carter can't have time enough to pass then we are screwed. carter showed he was an OK and i stress OK QB when he stayed in the pocket but my grandmother can throw better on the run. Chutch (chad hutchinson) might become an addiquate qb if given time to develop.

i think the RB by committee it is going to turn into will work ok and i like the addition of glenn at WR. with glenn, galloway, & bryant i think we have a decent receiving core if we can find someone to throw them the ball

that is it for now

let me know what you think of the upcoming season