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Hall of Fame election to be more difficult

Aug. 11, 2003 wire reports

CANTON, Ohio -- The Pro Football Hall of Fame has reduced the maximum number of candidates elected in any one year to six.

The drop from a maximum of seven is part of several procedural changes announced Monday by the Hall of Fame. It also cut from four to three the minimum number of candidates who can be elected in any year.

Among the other changes was one in which two seniors candidates will be nominated instead of one as in the past. The nomination is done each summer by a special committee of the 36 media members who serve as selectors.

But instead of being voted on separately, the seniors candidates will be voted upon with the rest of the nominees in the balloting that takes place the Saturday before the Super Bowl.

"The Hall of Fame Board of Trustees is confident that the approved modifications to our selection system are consistent with our commitment to the belief that election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame is an exclusive honor, bestowed upon only the most deserving of candidates," said John Muhlbach, Jr., the Hall of Fame's board chairman.

"While we feel strongly that election to the Hall of Fame should remain a challenging journey, we also believe that the system must guard against qualified candidates from past eras being overlooked. These new provisions will do much to accomplish both these goals."

The changes were adopted Aug. 2 by the Hall's board.

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