I found a box full of college football cards and have put them for sale on ebay. Wild Card and Classic are the brands. There is over 550 cards. All kinds of recognizable names. I found them in an old shoebox in closet. Multiple Brett Favre cards when he was at Southern Mississippi. I believe they are his rookies. I also saw Drew Bledsoe, Ricky Watters, Trent Dilfer, Mike Dumas, etc. Almost all cards are in NM condition.

550+ college football cards

I also have some college basketball cards that were in the same box. There's a little over 450 of them. I believe they are all NBA draft picks. Wild Card, Classic, Front Row, Front Row Limited, and Kellogg are the brands. All kinds of recognizable namesin there too. Multiple Latrell Sprewell cards. In there also is Scottie Pippen, Tom Gugliotta, Dikembe Mutumbo, Tony Kukoc, Nick Van Exel. Alot of other big name rookies. Almost all cards are in NM condition as well.

450+ college Basketball cards

Both auctions are starting at $0.01. I'm not a collector so i'm not sure of the real value of these cards, but iI am looking to get rid of them.