tossing this out there again
02 Bowman Chrome Lot with 5 SPs, these numbers...looking for a few Madduxes I need or good trade bait. The Sps are $5/ea and I am not bothering to guess on the value of the rest so I am calling them whoever takes this is getting a deal....looking for $90 in value
02 Bowman Chrome#111,118,120,122,124,130,133,135,136,137,140 ,142,143,146,148,150,155,160,161,171,177,189,198,2 13,221,226,228,229,23 1,232,233,235,237,238,239,240,241,244,251,259,260, 261,262,265,266,270,272,273,275,276,278,281,282,28 4,285,289,290,291,292,294, 297,298,301,302,303,304,305,306,309,
313,316,317,321,323,324,325,326,335,339,340,341,35 0,353,358,368,369,381