base cards
Morneau, Smoltz, Teixeira, Clemens, Peralta, Manny Ramirez, Andy Marte, Javy Lopez, Sabbathia, Glavine, Mariano Rivera, Weeks, Sexson, Glaus, Chad Tracy, Fucal, Blanton, Bonds, Kent, ARod, Chipper Jones, Dunn, Pujols, Barmes, Renteria, McPherson, Bay, Buehrle.....have more, but those are the bigger names

Cy Young - Carpenter
League MVP - Arod
Rookie of the Year - Huston Street
Gold Glove - Vernon Wells

Chris Demaria - Brewers
Anthony Reyes - Cardinals
Chris Denorfia - Reds
Chuck James - Braves

Own the Game - Manny Ramirez
Hobby Masters - Alfonso Soriano
Declaration of Independence - Robert Treat Paine

Bonds Home run History - 702, 665, 684

Mickey Mantle HR#1

only interested in current red sox/celtics/patriots, and patrice bergeron