Pretty sad experience today with a guy I'm pretty sure I've dealt with before. I know we can all wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but no one deserves to be attacked, insulted and sworn at on ebay for no good reason. And so I post this here as a warning to those currently doing business with Dauminator1215.

Last night he purchased an Aho YG Raw Card 9.5 from me. My listings, as they have been for nearly 20 years (powerseller) are some of the clearest listings on earth. Like many of us, I actually lose money on shipping. I am in Toronto and ship via Canada Post - tracking is around 10 bucks within Canada and 15-20 bucks USA.

Being that he is in the USA, I invoiced him, and he wrote back with some of the most outrageous reactions I've seen. He called me a "piece of ™™™™" and a "gouger" and demanded I cancel the auction, which I did. I explained to him that a) my listing was clear and b) that's what Canada Post charges. Not good enough. He called me a piece of ™™™™ again.

I promised him he'd hear about this and that there are consequences for behaving this way. He has all the opportunity in the world to ask questions and approach me as a man, not a maniac. So that's my story, and ebay's going to hear about it next. Be good and enjoy the hobby y'all
Not sure why people cannot be nice in their communication on eBay. Seem some crazy responses over the years.