Game Used Galore Ft/fs


I'm looking for rookie jerseys, HOF jerseys and higher product end base rookies.

this is what I have for trade or sale
if interested in buying make offer


Drew Bledsoe pacific paramount ball w/writing on it

Kurt Warner fleer gamers gamers uniformity jersey blue

Az-Zahir Hakim ultimate victory super bowl XXXIV blue

Thomas Jones ud graded red jersey

Quincy Carter fleer hot prospects rookie premiere post marks jersey blue

Santana Moss topps finest green

Junior Seau topps pro-bowl white

Marvin Minnis Leaf rc & stars freshman or. red

Marcus Allen Legacy hall of fame materials black die-cut

Kurt Warner topps gallery pro-bowl white

Cris Carter topps gallery pro-bowl white

Thurman Thomas/J.J Johnson titanium dual patch
teal/white Thomas- white/orange Johnson

Emmitt Smith/Ahman Green/Ricky Williams/Curtis Martin heads up
quad jersey Emmitt blue/Green green/Ricky black/Martin green

Marshall Faulk atomic blue

Emmitt Smith fleer genuine blue part of number

London Fletcher ud big game jersey blue

Steve McNair fleer score box score yard markers blue

Marshall Faulk score box score yard markers white

DeShaun Foster Fleer box score red shirt freshman black

Daunte Culpepper fleer showcase air to the throne white

Kurt Warner fleer showcase air to the throne white

Javon Walker fleer hot prospects hot materials green

LaDainian Tomlinson fleer hot prospects hot materials blue

Fred Taylor fleer platinum platinum portraits green

Drew Brees fleer platinum portraits white

Marshall Faulk piece of the game white

Javon Walker rookie piece of the game white #125 161/500

Patrick Ramsey Leaf rc & stars freshman orientation red #fo-8 462/650

Amani Toomer leaf cert mirror red blue w/white stripe #60 028/100

Joey Harrington topps pristine reebok rc premiere blue

Fred Taylor donruss kings gridiron cut teal green #gc-58 350/475

Marcus Allen donruss classics classic materials
part of shoulder pad #cm-11 163/400

Bethel Johnson rookie bowmans best
blue parallel blue jersey #98 146/499

Bethel Johnson rookie topps pristine rookie premiere blue

Andre Johnson Leaf cert. freshman fabrics
part of silk screen number white #ff-165 87/1250

Anquan Boldin leaf rc & stars freshman orientation #fo-21 585/600

Tyrone Calico leaf cert. freshman fabric #ff-169
mirror red ball/jersey blue 77/150

Randy Moss flair showcase hot hands purple die-cut

Isaac Bruce flair a cut above white

Marshall Faulk flair canton calling white die-cut

DeWayne Robertson absolute rookie materials
ball w/writing/green jersey #177 581/750

Bryant Johnson absolute rookie materials
ball/jersey red #168 500/750

Eddie George absolute pro-bowl souvenirs red #pb-1 356/400

Clinton Portis absolute canton absolutes orange #5 139/150

Anquan Boldin honors rookie gems red #202 658/700

Kliff Kingsbury/Bethel Johnson honors
jersey tandems both dark blue #jt-13

Chris Brown hogg heaven rookie dk blue #215 83/750

Kurt warner ud mvp ball

Kliff Kingsury/Bethel Johnson sp authentic double jersey both blue

Kyle Boller ud honor roll deans list purple

Tom Brady sweet spot classics souvenir patch

Clinton Portis ultra award winner white

Cory Dillon/Cody Pickett topps draft picks
old school dual jersey both white 53/199

Chris Perry topps pristine rookie revolution black

Bazooka Originals:
Cedric Cobbs white
Greg Jones white
Bernard Berrian white
Kellen Winslow white
Luke McCown white
Dunta Robinson dk blue

Bazooka all stars pro-bowl:
Jeff Wilkins blue
Alex Bannister blue

Matt Schaub bazooka college coll. black

Cedric Cobbs absolute ball/jersey white #223 522/750

Isaac Bruce absolute tools of the trade blue 9/100

Stephens Davis absolute tools of the trade white 75/100

DeAngelo Hall honors rookie gems white #202 485/750

Devery Henderson honors rookie gems black #224 318/750

Derrick Hamilton honors rookie gems red #229 1/750 first one made

Dan Morgan/DeShaun Foster honors alma mater
materials both white jerseys 53/100

Ederrin James/Andre Johnson honors alma mater
materials both white jerseys 93/100

Greg Jones/Reggie Williams honors rookie tandems both teal green

Devery Henderson/Philip Rivers honors rookie tandems black/dk blue

Devery Henderson hogg heaven rookie premiere hoggs black #172 6/750

Jeff Garcia/Marc Bulger donruss elite face to face
each with dual face masks 9/125

Ken Stabler fleer inscribed names of the game black

Chad Johnson ultra ultra performers black silk screen
with orange stripe 48/85

Anquan Boldin fleer authentix gen ad. red 231/320

Reggie Williams skybox L.E. sky’s the limit white 18/25

Ladainian Tomlinson skybox L.E. blue #9 20/175 die-cut

Jevon Kearse leaf cert. mat mirror white lite blue #94 161/250

Ladainian Tomlinson leaf cert mat cert skills blue #22 102/175

Marcel Shipp leaf cert mat cert potential infinite red #20 23/25

J.P. Losman leaf cert mat rookie mirror white blue #206 191/1250

Jeremy Shockey leaf cert mat fabric of the game blue 83/100

Clinton Portis leaf cert mat fabric of the game blue 4/5

Bethel Johnson reflections white

Bernard Berrin finite hg rc fabrics white

Matt Schaub foundations rc jersey white #252

Chad Johnson upper deck game jersey black

Chris Perry reflections focus on the future black

Willis McGahee upper deck all-stars future gems blue

Josh McCown zenith zenith jerseys gold parallel #3 52/100
red number w/white dirty jersey

Roddy White rc donruss throwback threads red #222

Cedric Benson bowman draft day selections dk blue

Takeo Spikes pro-bowl red
Rudi Johnson pro-bowl red
Ike Reese pro-bowl white
Mark Clayton originals white
Eric Shelton originals white

Mike Vick ultra td kings black

Ladainian Tomlinson upper deck white

Chris Brown/Drew Bennett spx winning materials dk blue/white

Steve McNair reflections fabrics dk blue

Drew Brees reflections fabric white

J.J. Arrington leaf rc & stars rc #263 728/750 white

Eli Manning longevity #61 sapphire blue 44/105

Vernand Morency longevity rookie #278 red patch gold parallel 12/50

Adams Jones honors rookie gems #201 390/750 dk blue

Vincent Jackson absolute rookie #234 259/750 ball/jersey blue

David West basketball Bazooka jersey white

list here, pm me or email me your trade list. I don't look thru links. Thanks, TW