Yeah thats right, the peice of flimiscal cardboard that they put in those packs


I am playing the drive thing and i need 2 upgrades

postions are not many but heres what i got

QB-Favre(first try first card thank you very much
RB-Tomlinson(first try second card :D very happy)
RB-James(This was a second try, gave up tj duckett)
WR-Driver(this was also a second try, gave up koren robinson((made me EXTREMELY HAPPy)))
WR-Porter(this too was a second try, gave up chad johnson, may have been mistake for me but they are going through major qb status)

I am after the upgrades for porter and james, i think i can do better in both

I ask that you at least have 2 codes to give me. They want the cards to prove(grand prize for one winner is trip for 4 to pro bowl) you won. I will pay sase for them


p.s. Please PM me with codes incase others are playing them