GU Autos
02-03 ud glass rc c.jefferies #ed/900
02-03 ud glass jersey rasheed wallace
02 spx wm jersey d. terrell
02 spx auto c. chambers
03 ud p&p dual jersey leftwhich/doresy #ed10/50
03 ud p&p #142 Auto e.graham #ed35/50
03 donruss elite pass the torch auto redemtion for # 8 #ed/100
03 donruss elitethrowback threads walter payton #ed/250
03 donruss elite back to the future jersy 3 colors rod gardner #ed/250
03 donruss elite rc c. palmer #ed/500
03 donruss elite rc m.trufant #ed/500
03 donruss elite rc d.white #ed/500
for sale/trade
03 donruss classic auto J. bettis <redemtion>
03 donruss elite rc asperation d .watson#ed 56/78
03 donruss elite face mask m.harrison #ed /400
89 ud griffey rf
03 topps classmarks auto.seneca wallace
03 score reflextion dual jerseys moss/burress #ed/250
01 pacific dyragon rc auto e.hartwell#ed /699
01 pacific dyragon rc auto j.jackson #ed/499
01 pacific dyragon top class m.vick
03topps collgiate cuts l. johnson
03 topps all american auto j.fargus<gone>
03 topps all american b. joppru
03 topps all american jersey k . kingbury
03 sp gu jersey l. coles
03 sp gu jersey a.bryant
03 sp gu jersey r .gannon
03 sp gu feild fabric jersey j.lewis #ed 1/75
03 sp gu field fabric jersey e, smith <dallas jersey
03 sp gu wing formation jersey m.vick
03 sp gu rck. kelley #ed/600
03 sp gu rc b.mcmullen #ed 12/50 <eagles
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