Here is a list of inserts, and rookies I have to trade

87 Donruss Barry Bonds RC
1990 Topps Frank Thomas RC
1990 Sammy Sosa RC
1992 Upper Deck Then and Now George Brett
1993 Upper Deck Classic Alumi Alex Rodriguez Electric Diamond
1994 Fleer Ultra Defensive Gems Latrell Sprewell
1994 Pacific Barry Sanders (Clear Card not sure what insert it is)1994 Classic Dicky V's ptpers Juwan Howard
1994 Upper Deck Jason kidd RC
95-96 Fleer Total O Shaquille Oneal
1995 Hoops top 10 all time rookie team Jamal Mashburn
1995 Hoops top 10 all time rookie team Grant Hill
95-96 Fleer Ultra Kevin Garnett RC
95 NBA Hoops Grant Hill RC
95-96 Flair Hardood Leader Grant Hill
94 topps Stadium Club Jason Kidd
96 Scoreboard Allen Iverson RC
96 Scoreboard Antoine Walker RC
96 NBA Hoops David Robinson HOT?
97-98 Fleer Tracy McGrady RC
01 Privaet Stock American footballers Travis Henry (Little Card)
2001 Leaf R&S Ricky Watter Longevity #38/50
2002 Exclusive Patrick Ramsey RC
2002 Press Pass Joey Harrington Primetime
2002 Press Pass Joey harrington Showbound
2002 Press Pass Power Pick David Carr
2002 Leaf R&S Jake Plummer Great American heroes #0471/2000
02 Leafd R&S Chad Hutchinson RC
03 Playoff Prestige Byron Lefwich RC
03 Prestige Onterrio Smith Rc
03 Topps DP&P Ken Dorsey RC
03 Topps DP&P Chrome Labrandon Toefield RC
03 Topps DP&P Chrome Jason Whitten RC
03 Topps DP&P Chrome David Carr
03 Topps DP&P Chrome Andre Woolfolk RC
03 Topps DP&P Willis McGahee RC
03 Fleer Showcase Michael Vick Footballs Best
03 Press Pass JE Gold Kyle Boller
03 Press Pass JE Kyle Boller Rookievision
03 Press Pass JE Chris Simms Rookievision
03 Press Pass Charles Rogers Power Pick
03 Press Pass Andre Johnson Showbound
03 Press Pass Gold Jason Gesser #435/500
03 Flair Andre Johnson #246/500
03 Score Charles Rogers Scorecard #403/500
02 Fleer Focus Josh Reed #72/82
02 Fleer Focus Ed McCafferey #127/187
03 Playoff Prestige Julius Peppers 02 reunion #461/2002
03 Donruss Elite David Carr/ Warren Moon #043/500
03 Prestige League Leaders Bledsoe/ Brooks #1571/2002
03 UD Pros&prospects Rogers/Burress #809/1800
03 Prestige Lee Suggs Draft Picks#1899/2003

Pm me if intersted