Here is the list-

Basketball G/U

00-01 UD Ultimate Game jersey, Wally Szczerbiak #WS-J Bv-25.00
01-02 Fleer Roy collection jersey, Mike Miller #ROY-MM Bv-15.00
01-02 Fleer Showcase Beasts of the east jersey, Kenyon Martin #12 Bv-10.00
01-02 SP Authentic Rookie jersey, Eddie Griffin #RA-EG Bv-10.00 (2 clr & 1212/1275)
01-02 SPx winning materials shorts/jersey, Anfernee Hardaway #AH Bv-15.00
01-02 Upper Deck Rookie threads jersey, Eddie Griffin #EG-T Bv-15.00
02-03 Topps Finest refractor jersey, Vladimir Radmanovic #152 Bv-20.00 (032/250)
02-03 Fleer Premium Court collection jersey, Shareef Abdur-Rahim #1 Bv-15.00
02-03 Fleer Premium Gear jersey, Kenyon Martin #5 Bv-15.00
02-03 SP Gameused jersey, Chris Mihm #17 Bv-12.00
02-03 Upper deck Air apparel jersey, Latrell Sprewell #LSAA Bv-15.00
02-03 Upper Deck UD Game jersey, Mike Bibby #MB Bv-15.00
03-04 Black diamond jersey gold, Kareem Rush #BD-KR Bv-20.00
03-04 Topps finest refractors jersey, Mike Bibby #108 Bv-12.00 (#199/250)
03-04 Fleer showcase Sweet stiches jersey, Dajuan Wagner #SS-DW Bv-12.00
03-04 SP gameused jersey, Richard Jefferson #57 Bv-10.00
03-04 SP gameused All star apparel jersey, Gordan Giricek #GG-AS Bv-12.00
03-04 SP gameused authentic fabrics jersey, David Wesley #DW-J Bv-10.00
03-04 SP gameused authentic fabrics jersey, Kwarme Brown #KB-J Bv-10.00
03-04 SP gameused jersey, Kareem Rush #42 Bv-???
03-04 SPx Winning materials shorts/jersey, Kurt Thomas #WM30 Bv-12.00
03-04 SPx Winning materials Combos jersey, Theo Ratcliffe/Jason Terry #WC26 Bv-12.00
03-04 Upper deck finite elements jersey, Jason Richardson/Gilbert Arenas #FE9 Bv-12.00
03-04 Upper deck hinite elements jersey, Wally Szczerbiak/Joe Smith #FE11 Bv-12.00
04-05 SP gameused authentic fabrics jersey, Drew Gooden #AF-DG Bv-8.00
04-05 SP gameused authentic fabrics jersey, Jerry Stackhouse #AF-JS Bv-8.00
04-05 Topps chrome slice of success jersey, Kareem Rush #SS-KR Bv-8.00 (128/500)
04-05 Topps pristine verticality jersey, Devean George #VT-DG Bv-8.00
04-05 Upper deck sweet shot jersey, Paul Pierce #PP Bv-8.00
04-0 Upper deck sweet shot swatches jersey, Paul Pierce #PP Bv-8.00

I will accept 85 dlvd and also include 50 bucks woth of cards from your sport of choice( so long as it's football, baseball or basketball)

Thx Lmk