lots, Lot 1 is 18. delivered or best offer , Lot 2 is 18.50 or best offer delivered. If you want an individual card or just a couple tell me what you want to spend and I if you will send a Sase.

As a Bonus, if you buy both lots for 36.50, I will throw in these
01 UD Vintage Michael Vick rookie
04 Skybox LE Julius Jones skys the limit
04 Bazooka Eli Manning
91 Ultra Brett Favre
Thats 30-40 worth free if you buy both

Lot 1 all are rookies
98 Score randy Moss rookie
99 UD Retro David Boston, Kevin Johnson, Peerless Price
99 Aurora Ricky Williams Championship Fever
01 MVP Drew Brees
99 UD Retro Edgerrin James
02 PS Reserve Andre Davis Class Act
99 Aurora Donovan McNabb
99 Edge 1st Place Ricky williams
00 Impact Jamal Lewis
00 Paramount Joey Porter
01 MVP Todd heap, Koren Robinson
04 SPX Junior Siavii 569/1650, Keyron Fox 342/1650
04 Fouindations Sloan Thomas 330/350
03 Ultra Brad Banks Gold Medallion
03 Sweet Spot Eddie Moore 1052/1500 bv 5
03 SP Sig Gibran Hamdan 187/750
99 UD Retro Torry Holt
99 Retro Daunte Culpepper
99 Omega Edgerrin James Gridiron Masters
02 Press Pass Joey Harrington Big Numbers
05 Topps terrence Murphy
02 Press Pass JE David Carr, Joey Harrington
03 Press Pass Byron leftwich, Larry Johnson
04 Press Pass Julius Jones
02 Topps Gallery Andre Davis
02 Bowman Julius Peppers, Patrick Ramsey
91 Star Pics Brett Favre
03 Bowman CHrome refractor Alonzo Jackson 47/500
98 Score Kevin Dyson
98 Bowman Joe Jurevicius
89 Topps Thurman Thomas
96 Skybox Premium Eddie George

03 Topps Andre Wolfolk, Calico, Thompson, Hobson, St. Pierre, Askew, Jacobs, White, Battle, Fargas, Robertson, Johnson, Boss Bailey, Gabriel, Kennedy,

03 Donruss Classics L. McDonald 840/900

05 Topps CLarett, Gibson, Atogwe, Sproles, McFadden, Hawthorne, Blackstock, Tuck, Anderson, Hodge, Patterson, Thorpe, Roddy White, Rolle, Rodgers, Roby, Parrish, Morrency, Moats, LeFors, Pac Man

03 MVP Wrightster, Garrett, Cain, McDougle, Joseph, Robertson, Kennedy, Williams, Bailey, Newman, Trufant, Wilhelm, Wolfolk, Witten, White, Seidman. Jopru, Pinkard, Curley, Smith

04 Topps Morant, Hill, Michael Turner, Thomas, Devry Henderson

04 Prestige Everage, Hackett, PK Sam, Watson, Odom, Devrey Henderson, Bernard Berrian,

03 Topps DP Moorehead, Kennedy, Kelsay, Redding, Ragone, Toefield
93 Classics Jerome Bettis rookie

and throwing these in 05 Turkey red Maddox,Rod Smith, DeShaun Foster, Galloway Bryant, Hollins, Larry Johnson, Terry Bradshaw

thats 1 lot

here is lot 2 all rookies

99 Skybox Premium Edgerrin james
99 UD Retro Torry Holt
99 UD Retro Donovan McNabb, Daunte Culpepper
03 Donruss CLassics Julian Battle 139/900
03 Tradition Charles Rodgers
03 Sweet Spot Avon Cobourne 96/1500
99 Aurora Tim Couch
02 heads Up JT O Sullivan
02 Score Phillip Buchanon
98 UD CHoice Kevin Dyson
02 Topps Andre Davis, 2 of them
02 Bowman Josh McCown
02 Adrenaline Patrick Ramsey
90 Proset Junior Seau
96 Select Mike Alstott
90 Score Andre Ware
04 UD Rookie Prospects Rashaun Woods
01 Authority Fred Smoot 907/1350
03 Score Ken Dorsey
04 Press Pass Chris Perry Big Numbers
03 Gridiron Kings Terrell Suggs Royal Expectation
01 Press Pass Reggie Wayne
99 UD Retro Champ Bailey, Peerless Price,
98 Score Randy Moss
91 Classic Jerome Bettis
01 Bowman Drew Brees
01 Press pass Michael Vick
05 Bowmans Best Kirk Morrison, Darryl Blackstock
95 UD Choice Joey Galloway
00 Press pass Brian Urlacher
97 Leaf Warrick Dunn
05 Bazooka Kyle Orton
91 Star Pics Brett Favre
00 Edge Graded Shaun Alexander
04 Prestige Kevin Jones
02 Press Pass David Carr
02 PP Joey Harrington showbound
03 PP Byron Leftwich, Larry Johnson
04 bazooka Smoker, Moore, Watson, Troupe, Michael CLayton, Henderson, Berrian, Winslow, Robinson

04 Topps Siavii, Watson, Cobbs, Greg Jones, Smoker, Navarre, Chris Perry Taylor, Hall, Berrian, Colbert, Williams, Turner, Taylor

04 Prestige Krenzel, Dansby, Boulware, Michael Jenkins, Watson, Henderson, Everage, Troupe, Johnson

03 Score Gabriel, Pinkard, Johnson, Joppru, Dallas Clark, Suggs, McDougal, Williams, haynes, Kennedy, Williams, Dorsey, Joseph, Long, Bailey, Newman, Trufant, Wolfolk, Weathersby, Doss, Mathis

03 Topps Kelly, McMullen, Anglin, Trufant, aiken, Toliver, Williams, Chris Brown, Pace, Wallace, Smith, McDonald, Johnson Umenyiora, Hamlin, Doss Trufant
03 MVP Walton Groce, Sanders, Battle

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