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    Jan 2006
    SCF Rewards

    15 more GU'ed added today ! Check it out !!!

    Let me know what ya like and I'll look at your tradelist. Thanks !!!

    01 Alstott, Mike Past Patterns JSY
    01 Barber, Tiki Leather and Laces BALL /825
    04 Barber, Tiki Fleer Inscribed Names of the Game JSY
    04 Bell, Tatum Foundations Rookie JSY /1299
    03 Boller, Kyle LCM JSY /1250
    03 Brown, Chris PO Abs. Mem. RPM BALL/JSY /750
    05 Brown, Reggie Classics Dress Code JSY
    05 Brown, Reggie UD Ultimate Collection JSY /50
    05 Brown, Ronnie 05 UD rookie futures JSY (VVHTG)
    03 Bruce, Isaac SP Game Used Edition JSY
    01 Bruce, Isaac UD Memorable Materials JSY
    00 Brunell, Mark UD MVP BALL
    02 Brunell, Mark Air to the Throne JSY
    05 Campbell, Jason Rookie Roll Call JSY
    02 Carter, Tim Sweet Spot Gallery JSY
    02 Chambers, Chris UD KickOff Classics JSY
    05 Clayton, Mark Bowmans Best /599 JSY
    05 Clayton, Mark Throwback Threads JSY
    04 Clayton, Michael Abs. Mem. /750 BALL/JSY
    04 Colbert, Keary Sweet Swatches JSY
    04 Colbert, Keary Platinum Pro-Material /250 JSY
    04 Colbert, Keary Hogg Heaven JSY /750
    03 Collins, Kerry Sweet Spot /300 JSY
    03 Culpepper, Daunte Ultimate Collection JSY /250
    05 Cumbie, Sonny DP/P Senior Standout JSY
    03 Curtis, Kevin LCM Freshman Fabric /1250 JSY
    05 Edwards, Braylon Bowmans Best /599 JSY
    00 Edwards, Troy Leather and Laces /350 BALL
    04 Evans, Lee R&S's Freshman Orientation /500 JSY
    02 Foster, DeShaun Glory Bound JSY
    02 Foster, DeShaun LCM rookie JSY /800
    02 Garcia, Jeff Premium All-Pro Team
    02 Gardner, Rod Private Stock JSY
    02 Harrison, Marvin Press Clippings JSY
    04 Hasselbeck, Matt Flair Gridiron Cuts /150 JSY
    01 Heap, Todd PostMarks /1500 JSY
    04 Holt, Tory 04 Ultra Performers JSY
    01 Holt, Tory GameTime Uniformity JSY
    01 Holt, Tory Topps Pro-Bowl JSY
    04 Holt, Tory Tools of the Trade /100 JSY
    05 James, Edgerrin UD KickOff JSY
    05 James, Edgerrin Fabric Reflections JSY
    04 Johnson, Chad Topps Finest JSY
    03 Johnson, Bryant Cert. Mats. Freshman Fabric /1250 JSY
    03 Johnson, Bryant Hogg Heaven JSY /750
    04 Jones, Kevin R&S's /750 JSY
    05 Jones, Brandon DP/P Senior Standout JSY
    02 Jordan, LaMont Adrenaline JSY
    01 Kennison, Eddie Atomic JSY
    02 Lelie, Ashley Cert. Mats Freshman Fabric /800 JSY
    02 Lelie, Ashley Glory Bound JSY
    05 Lewis, Chad ThrowBack Threads /275 BALL
    02 Lewis, Damione PO Preferred /400 BALL
    03 McAllister, Deuce Authentix Replica Ticket JSY
    03 McAllister, Deuce Leaf Limited Threads JSY /100
    03 McCants, Darnerian Deans List JSY
    02 McCown, Josh Sweet Spot Gallery JSY
    05 McGahee, Willis Donruss Elite Series JSY /199
    01 Minor, Travis Freshman Orientation JSY
    05 Moats, Ryan Cert. Mat.'s /150 BALL/JSY
    05 Moats, Ryan SPX Rookie Swatch Supremacy JSY
    05 Moss, Santana Throwback Threads /275 BALL
    01 Moulds, Eric Dress for Success DUAL JSY
    05 Moulds, Eric Pristine Common Pieces /1000 JSY
    05 Murphy, Terrence Upper Deck Rookie Futures JSY
    02 Peppers, Julius Pristine Nickel Package JSY
    05 Portis, Clinton Fabric reflections JSY
    03 Ragone, Dave Deans List JSY
    02 Ramsey, Patrick SP Authentic Threads JSY
    02 Ramsey, Patrick Bowmans Best JSY
    02 Ramsey, Patrick Glory Bound JSY
    03 Robertson, DeWayne Rookies and Stars /550 JSY
    04 Robinson, Dunta Honors Rookie Gems /750 JSY
    05 Rolle, Antrell Throwback Material JSY
    05 Scalley, Morgan DP/P Senior Standouts JSY
    02 Seau, Junior UD All-Star Auth. JSY
    02 Smith, Jimmy Private Stock JSY
    01 Smith, Jimmy Game Time Uniformity JSY
    02 Smith, Jimmy Topps Reserve JSY
    05 Smith, Rod Prestige Game Day JSY
    05 Spikes, Takeo Pristine Uncommon /1000 JSY
    01 Stokes, JJ SP Game Used Edition JSY
    02 Taylor, Fred Topps Reserve JSY
    01 Taylor, Fred Gaol Line Gear HAT
    01 Taylor, Fred Crown Royale Cramers Choice Awards BALL
    03 Thomas, Anthony Pritine Performance JSY
    02 Thomas, Anthony Prem-Team JSY
    04 Thomas, Thurman 04 GOTT JSY
    05 Vick, Michael Upper Deck JSY (HTG)
    01 Warrick, Peter Ovation Training Gear JSY
    05 White, Roddy SPX Rookie Swatch Supremacy JSY
    04 Williams, Aeneas Bazooka All-Stars JSY
    04 Williams, Reggie R&S's Freshman Orientation /500 JSY
    04 Williams, Reggie R&S's Class Officers /100 JSY
    04 Williams, Reggie UD Foundations JSY /1299
    03 Williams, Ricky Focus Shirtified JSY /75
    04 Williams, Roy (DETROIT) Sweet Spot JSY
    04 Winslow Jr, Kellen Tradition ThrowBack Threads (swatch is Winslow Sr.'s)

    05 Anderson, Derek Bowmans Best /199
    04 Colclough, Ricardo Bowmans Best /499 AUTO
    05 Barber, Marion III Sage Bronze /500
    03 Brown, Chris HIT AUTO
    02 Jolley, Doug Bowmans Best
    99 McDonald, Darnell ProSignatures /2435
    97 Moseley, Mark UpperDeck #AL-147
    00 Soward, R.Jay Fleer Autographics

    I will only trade HOF cards for other HOF cards.
    Houston, Ken SI GOTG AUTO
    Moon, Warren 04 RED Glory of Their Time JSY

    04 Allen Iverson Topps Contemporary Collection Perenial All-Star SHORTS /250
    04 Ron Artest / Kenyon Martin Topps Contemporary Collection Performance Tribute Doubles /50 DUAL JSY's
    05-06 Salim Stoudamire UD Hardcourt Signatures AUTO
    05 Carlos Delgado BAT / Joe Carter BAT / Jeff Kent JSY / John Olerud BAT / Jose Cruz Jr. BAT / Orlando Hudson BAT - PO Absolute Memorabilia Team Six Blue Jays. (all six are on one card)

    91 Moore, Herman Ultra Draft Picks
    91 Moore, Herman Bowman
    91 Moore, HermanUD Star Rookie
    91 Reed, Jake Score
    94 Faulk/B.Sanders Bowmans Best #19
    94 Alexander, Derrick UD Star Rookie
    94 Johnson, Charles Pinnacle
    94 Rhett, Errict Ultra
    94 Sehorn, Jason Classic Draft Gold
    95 Wheatley, Tyrone UD C.C. Rookie Class
    95 Wheatley, Tyrone Score Summit Edition
    96 Kennison, Eddie Topps Draft Picks
    96 Milloy, Lawyer UD C.C. Rookie Class
    98 Dyson, Kevin Black Rookie Diamond

    Football Some Stars, RC's and SP cards for trade
    00 Alexander, Shaun UD E-card
    05 Bragg, Craig Donruss Throwback Threads /999
    05 Benson, Cedrick Topps 50th
    05 Bradley, Mark UD Rookie Prospects
    05 Bradley, Mark UD
    05 Brown, Tony PO Honors O's /99
    05 Clarett, Maurice UD KickOff
    03 Clark, Dallas Donruss Classics /900
    05 Collins, Nick SP Rookie Authentics /750
    05 Considine UD Foundations /399
    05 Fitzpatrick, Ryan Bowman Gold
    03 Gage, Justin Ultra
    03 Griffin, Quentin Rookie Honor Roll /2003
    01 Hasselbeck, Matt PO Preferred Nat'l Treasures /400
    05 Henry, Chris UD
    00 Jackson, Darrell Mystique /2000
    04 Jackson, Steven UD Rookie Premiere
    00 Janikowski, Sebastian Bowmans Best /1499
    04 Jenkins, Michael UD Star Rookie Limited
    02 Manning, Peyton Heritage #86 /557
    01 McNabb, Donovan PO Preferred Nat'l Treasures /400
    05 McPherson, Adrian Abs. Memorabilia Blue Spec.
    05 Merriman, Shawne Bowman Gold
    05 Merriman, Shawne UD
    98 Moss, Randy UD Encore CHKLST
    02 Moss, Randy Action Packed /1850
    02 Moss, Randy Grid. Kings MINI /1000
    05 Orlovsky, Dan R&S's Green /25 (VHTG)
    05 Parrish, Roscoe UD KickOff
    05 Rogers, Aaron P.P.
    05 Rogers, Carlos UD Rookie Prospects
    05 Rolle, Antrell UD Rookie Prospects
    05 Roth, Matt UD
    05 Ruud, Barrett UD
    05 Smith, Alex (QB) Topps 50th
    05 Smith, Alex (QB) UD Rookie Prospects
    05 Tatupu, Lofa UD
    01 Tomlinson, LaDanian PP Power Pick
    05 Walter, Andrew UD Rookie Prospects
    05 Warren, Paris PO Honors /699
    03 Watson, Derek Elite Aspirations Die Cut /78
    05 White, Manuel UD Foundations /399
    05 Williams, Carnell UD Rookie Prospects
    04 Williams, Roy/Jones, Kevin R&S's CHKLST

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    Apr 2006
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    check my page for these 2 please

    02 McCown, Josh Sweet Spot Gallery JSY
    04 Johnson, Chad Topps Finest JSY

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    Jan 2006
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    Quote Originally Posted by theproudestmonkey
    check my page for these 2 please

    02 McCown, Josh Sweet Spot Gallery JSY
    04 Johnson, Chad Topps Finest JSY

    I like the C Frye R&S's jsy. I would really like to try and work something for that Nit/White dual though!!! I know that those 2 arent enough for it but I would gladly trade in your favor if are willing to find some more cards from my list that you could use to make something work. BV on your card is $50 I'd do approx. $60 in trade for it.

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    Apr 2006
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    sorry man...picked up that dual for the sole purpose of getting some HOF stuff for my PC...and cant really give up the frye for either of those gu...so i will have to pass...thanks

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    Jan 2006
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    OK no problem. PM sent w/ HOF list.

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    Jun 2005
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    04 Colbert, Keary Sweet Swatches JSY
    04 Colbert, Keary Platinum Pro-Material /250 JSY
    04 Colbert, Keary Hogg Heaven JSY /750
    00 Soward, R.Jay Fleer Autographics

    what do u need for these? i only need one of the colberts.

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    Jan 2006
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    PM sent to you soccershane. I could use gu'ed or auto.'s of...

    Marshall Faulk and rookie year cards
    Rod Woodson
    Shannon Sharpe
    Cris Carter
    Tim Brown
    Junior Seau
    Isaac Bruce
    Jason Campbell
    Andre Reed
    Warren Sapp
    Ray Lewis
    L Fitzgerald
    A Boldin
    Brandon Lloyd rookie year only
    HOF GU'ed
    Redskins (I'm kinda picky about these)
    and of course all of the regular stars like...Mannings, Tomlinson etc...

    I'm sure we can work something something out, I am looking for a lot of players. This is only a partial list of guys I like.

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