Ok so here the deal I live on Long Island, NY and I am currently giving back to my community along with many others. When I recently broke my leg, I was in the hospital for a week straight and it gets extremely depressing. In order to graduate from my high school, I must contribute 100 community service hours. So far I have just about that many but I would like to try and collect some CDs or some cards for those unfortunate children in the hospital with many illnesses. I am willing to pay the shipping but anything you can contribute will help alot. I am going to be contributing much of my old stuff including most of my collection of cards along with many other high school students. So if you could please send me some extra cards that you have or some of your old or unwanted cds. I am trying really hard to get more CDs that youngsters would listen to so please help me out.

While I was in the hospital I spoke to many and some of the favorites were:
Backstreet Boys
Britney Spears
Jessica Simpson
Will Smith
50 Cent
Mariah Carey
Jennifer Lopez
So if you have any of those please lmk.

If you think im really deephearted or trying to start a scam this is untrue and I shall provide many pictures on my website once I am able to get back on my feet.

If you are willing and able to help me out, I will send you game used or autos or something like that to compensate you for your care.

I'll like to thank those people who sent cards or other items and contributed for this cause. BUT I really could use some CDs. I have quite a large number of cards from others and from my collection that I am donating including some game used and auto cards. If you have any no name autos or game used cards you would be willing to donate or sell for some pocket change please let me know.