Here are all of my cards that I have up for cardcash:

Karl Malone Fleer 94-95 Mint
Dikembe Mutombo 94-95 UD Collectors Choice Mint
Latrell Sprewell 92-93 Fleer Ultra [Rookie] Near Mint
Jamal Mashburn 93-94 Skybox Premium [Rookie] Near Mint
Chris Webber [2] 93-93 Skybox Premium [Rookie] Near Mint
Dennis Rodman [Slam Dunk] Fleer 92-93 Near Mint
Danny Ferry Topps Chrome 96-97 Mint
Steve Kerr 97-98 Fleer Mint
Kevin Garnett Topps 97-98 Mint
Keith Van Horn Topps 97-98 Mint
Hakeem Olajuwon Topps 97-98 Mint
Latrell Sprewell Topps Finest 96-97 Mint

Just make me a offer,and we will see from there.