I'm selling off both my 1986 Topps sets. My 86 Topps Traded set is split into two sets...if you combine the two they would score as the #1 ATF (100% complete). I just recently picked up most of it but I need to sell it.

The 86 Topps sets is small but has a number of great cards and they are all in PSA 9 or PSA 10.

I do not post on here often, but I have plenty of hobby references and a ton of feedback on eBay. I'll be glad to share info with anyone who is interested. Please email me.

'86 Topps - #5 ATF (Schmidt/Clemens/Valenzuela & More in 10)
'86 Topps Traded in 9/10
'86 Topps Traded in 7/8
* The Topps traded is actually 1 full set and would score #1 ATF.