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Basketball Rookies

93-94 Hoops- Cassell

94-95 Upper Deck- Juwan Howard

96-97 Skybox Premium- Antoine Walker

96-97 Collector's Choice- A. Walker

97-98 Z-Force- Marcus Camby

97-98 Z-Force- Van Horn

99-00 Impact- Wally Szczerbiak

99-00 Impact- Marion

99-00 Impact- Hamilton

99-00 Impact- Langdon

99-00 Topps- Devean George

99-00 Upper Deck MVP- Francis

00-01 Topps- Kenyon Martin

01-02 Upper Deck MVP- Jamaal Tinsley

01-02 Upper Deck MVP- Kwame Brown

01-02 Upper Deck MVP- Rodney White

01-02 Upper Deck MVP- Steven Hunter

01-02 Upper Deck MVP- Radmanovic

01-02 Upper Deck MVP-Michael Bradley

01-02 Upper Deck MVP-Jeryl Sasser

01-02 Upper Deck MVP- Kenny Satterfield

Basketball Inserts

00-01 Topps Stars Parallel

-Ray Allen 244/299

02-03 SP Authentic SP Specials

- Gary Payton 0160/2000

02-03 Topps Chrome Black Boarder Refractor

-Gary Payton 42/99

Upper Deck 00-01

Total Dominance:





True Talents:



Andre Miller



A. Walker


Glenn Robinson



Live Action:


Graphic Jam:



-Penny Hardaway (x2)


Lightning Strikes:


Pure Basketball:


Rookie Focus:

-Morris Peterson

Highlight Zone:

-Eddie Jones

Master of the Art:


Reggie Miller

All-Star Class:


UD Exclusives Silver:

-Cassell 436/500

Eddie House RC 047/100

00-01 UD Pros and Prospects Promotion

-Kenyon Martin

00-01 Fleer Futures Hot Commodities


99-00 SP Authentic Maximum Force




Van Horn

99-00 SP Authentic Athletics


00-01 UD Encore Upper Realm

-Jason Williams

00-01 Topps Quantum Leaps


00-01 Fleer Mystique NBAwesome


99-00 UD Ovation Spotlight


00-01 UD Ovation Superstar Theatre


00-01 UD Ovation Lead Performers


01-02 MVP MVP Watch


01-02 Stadium Club Striking Distance


00-01 Fleer Tradition Hardwood Leaders


00-01 Fleer Mystique Player of the Week



00-01 Fleer Mystique Dial 1



01-02 UD Ovation

02-03 UD Honor Roll

97-98 Fleer

01-02 Upper Deck MJ’s Back- #MJ-45, MJ-28