96 leaf signature rick delucia auto
96 leaf signature jack howell auto
04 bowman signs of the future james houser rc auto
05 bow. best green michael rogers rc auto 277/399
05 zenith roll call justin leone rc auto tier 3 #16
98 leaf r/s elpidio guzman rc auto 770/1000
01 sp top prospects chirography chris wakeland auto
04 bowman signs of the future todd linden auto

05 bowman futures game gear shin soo choo rc gu jersery (black)
05 bowman futures game gear edwin encarnacion rc gu jersery (black)
04 bowman anthony lerew gu jersery rc #221
98 leaf r/s brian lawrence gu bat rc 309/700
05 bow. heritage cyan printing plate brian stavisky rc #257 1/1
01 leaf limited lumberjacks alomar gu bat 318/500
03 ex Emerald Essentials nomo jersery 132/250
03 ex Emerald Essentials Tejada Jersey 213/250
03 exBehind the Numbers Soriano Jersey 80/500
03 Fleer Rookies & Greats Boyhood Idols Joe Carter Bat 105/615
03 Authentix Jersey Delgado
02 SPX Winning Materials duel Jersey IROD gray /Juan Gonzalez gray
04 Skybox LE Roy Halladay Jersey Proof 95/299
04 Flair Hot Numbers Jersey Helton 97/250 gray
04 Finest black Jersey Ordonez ref.
04 Playoff Honors Players Collection Jersey Rolen 75/250 gray
04 UD Etchings Bat Card Chavez 48/250
04 UD Etchings Bat Card Andruw Jones
04 Throwback Threads Jersey Furcal 40/100
03 topps T205 Alomar Jersey
03 topps T205 Zito Jersey
03 topps Pristine bomb squad lance Berkman Jersey w/black stripe
04 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game Reggie Jackson Jersey 33/100
03 fleer gamers names of the game rolen gu jersery gray
04 fleer inscribed names of the game luis gonzalez gu purple jersery 128/150
02 fleer triple crown juan gonzalez (BAT)
02 bowman freshman fiber jason standridge rc jersery
03 fleer splendid splinters bat chips scott rolen 180/425
04 topps clubhouse collection luis gonzalez relic gu jersery white,purple stripe 25/25
03 Flear Ultra Moonshots gu jersery piazza blue
03 fleer ex behind the numbers gu jersery randy johnson 131/199 gray
03 sweetspot classic logo patch ozzie smith
01 sp game bat milestone ed. peice of the action internationla conn. furcal gu bat
04 donruss timber and threads gu bat sosa
05 donruss champions impressions brian lawrence jersery (gray)
05 donruss champions impressions kenny lofton bat
05 donruss champions impressions victor martinez bat
05 donruss champions impressions tony gwynn pants


topps own the game chone figgins
topps declaration of ind. william paca,charles carroll,john penn
topps 2k sports all stars v. guerrero,a. soriano x2
topps mickey mantle HR#1 x7


donruss team heroes showdown bronze moises alou
donruss champions impressions orange luis castillo 29/75
donruss champions impressions esteban loaiza
donruss champions impressions orange eric davis 22/75
donruss champions impressions blue tony gwynn 8/100
donruss champions impressions erik bedard
donruss champions impressions orlando cabrera
donruss champions impressions orange moises alou 68/75
topps chrome traded ref braden looper
topps own the game beltre
topps hit parade ruben sierra
topps arod spokesmen #ar14
topps hit parade steve finley
ultra gold hidalgo
ultra gold nomar
ultra follow the leader manny ramirez
ultra follow the leader mark prior
ultra follow the leader piazza
ultra gold david eckstein
bowman chrome a-rod throwback 97 bow
bow a-rod throwback 94 x2, 95 x2
topps chrome black ref.vinny castilla 192/225
topps turkey red black mike gonzalez
Topps Turkey Red Black 10B Sosa w/o Name error bv 12.00


bowman gold clemens #37, adam dunn #121
fleer sweet signs. ball bark heroes hideo nomo
skybox limited ed league leaders juan pierre
topps world series highlights gibson hr #ws-kg
topps chrome club 40 gonzo
ultra ultra performers hank blalock
ud legends manny trillo bronze 48/50
Upper Deck Vintage Old Judge insert clemens bv 10.00,gagne bv 4.00


absolute mem. tools of the trade kent
bowman heritage Facsimile Signature bobby abreu
bowman heritage Facsimile Signature perdo martinez
topps record breakers richie sexton
ud world series highlights reggie jackson


bowman heritage mark prior black
bowman heritage reprint gil mcdougald
bowman heritage hee seop choi #13 black box
donruss orginals gary sheffield
donruss elite schilling 1960/2500
fleer genuine tip of the cap drew henson
leaf press proof red chan ho park
leaf 60 klesko
ovation silver brad radke
ovation superstar spotlight silver ichiro,sosa
topps east meets west sasaki/murakami
ud heroes of baseball mcgwire


bowman best rc fever I-rod
fleer genuine genuine leaders pedro martinez
pacific rc julio zuleta,kenny kelly,paxton crawford
sp top prospects great futures john patterson #15
sp top prospects big town dreams john patterson #11
sp top prospects the show ryan anderson #9, corey patterson #1
topps own the game moises alou
topps reprints rains
ultra prospects eric cammack/grant roberts,adam melhuse/ben patrick,jimmy
anderson/tike redman


bowman bow. best pre.adam piatt
dominion double play clemens/maddux
impact mighty fine in 99 allen watson,fernando tatis
impact mighty fine in 99 #30
metal talent show vernon wells
topps nomar garciaparra 293
topps going places barry larkin
topps chrome power players walker


bow chrome scouts choice m.anderson
bow. roy ryan minor
crown royal pivitol players mo vaughn,j.gonzalez
crown royal pillars of the game bagwell
topps chrome preston wilson ref
topps chrome 99 rc rush ron belliard #21, jeremy giambi #19
topps chrome club 40 palmerio #11, albert belle #5, galarraga ref. #10
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topps nl team walker
topps 21st century alex gonzalez
UD pennant driven manny ramirez
ud encore prue excitement jd drew
ud encore upper realm nomar
ud encore y2k countdown nomar
ud encore mcgwired hr 50
ud encore fx parallel trevor hoffman 059/125
ultimate victory ultimate hit men walker


bowman ROY favorite troy glaus roy 2, adrian beltre roy1
bowman scouts choise matt clement
pinnacle lasting memories tony gwynn
spx finite -radiance,gilkey,galarraga,huskey
topps stars silver darryl kile #2 4153/4399, jeff shaw #61 3426/4399,mike lansing
#134 2712/4399, mike mussina #9 2712/4399
UD 10th anniversary team randy johnson


cc all-star #37,38,39,41,44,45
CC premier power silver rafael palmerio
cc griffeys hot list albert belle
CC the big show rafael palmeiro
cc the big show #3,17x2
cc world headquarters r. white
circa fast track pettitte
donruss press proof edgar martinez #408
fleer headlinners ryan sandberg #18,eddie murray #14, andrew jones#9
fleer rc sensations magee jr,r.ordonez,ochoa,dye
metal platinum portraits jermaine dye #2
metal macnetic field roberto alomar
pinnacle inside stand up guys alomar/biggio
si cooperstown coll. stargell
topps hill toppers pat hentgen
topps stars red scott rolen 2923/9799
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ud 10th anniversary #19,21,31,50,59
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ultra top 30 #6,10,13,15x2,16,21,22,25,26,30
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ultra rc reflections baldwin,ordonez,dye
ultra double trouble alou/h. rodriguez


cc all-star brady anderson #6, todd hundley #35, albert belle #7
cc hideo nomo scrapbook #3
cc crash game silver cecil fielder x2
flair infield power daulton x2,fielder
flair outfield power belle,puckett
fleer excel seasons crowns m. drews
fleer excel 1st year phenoms #3,8x2,9,10
fleer excel climbing #4,
fleer golden memories r martinez
fleer smooth leather mondesi,williams
fleer roar warriors manny ramirez
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fleer new horizons dye
fleer prospect #8x4
fleer post season glory #1x2,3,4,5x3
leaf gold leaf rookie jason schmidt,mark loretta
metal platium port. manny ramirez
pinnacle christy brink. manny ramirez
select ap a. sele
select team nicknames white,alou,floyd #24
score all star mo vaughn
sp bound for glory piazza
tsc bash and burn glenallen hill
topps all-stars todd hundley
ultra on base leader piazza
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ultra rbi kings d. bell,sanders
ultra fresh foundation 3x3,6x2,7,10
ultra 2nd year standouts#5x2,4,6x3,15,7,gold#8
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ultra fresh foundations brian hunter,manny ramirez x2
ud future stock prospects g arias,j suppan
ud predictor isringhausen
ud v.j. lovero canseco x3
ud rock solid alan benes


cc gold sign rondell white #293
cc se gold sign jim leyritz #242
flair powerline williams
flair wave of the future bates x2
fleer headliners dykstra
fleer headliners #1,4,5,14,19x2,20x2
fleer diamond tribute #1x2,2x2,8,10x3
fleer ml prospects benes,baldwin,durham,hunter
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fleer rookie update shane andrews x2,julian tavarez x2,ray durham,jon nunnally x3
fleer headliners albert belle
fleer lumber co. fred mcgriff #7
pinnacle upstarts manny ramirez
score hall of gold belle
score dugout collection manny ramirez
sp die cuts quilvio veras,juan acevedo
sportflix ap valentin
tsc tsc awards jose mesa
ultra all-star moises alou,david cone,craig biggio x2
ultra strikeout king jose rijo
ultra award winner cone/hill #19 of 25,alomar/m. duncan #3 of 25
ultra hitting mach. mcgriff
ultra all-star #1,6x2,10,13,14,18
ultra league leaders #3
ultra strikeout kings#5,6
ultra award winner pagnozzi
ultra award winner gold #9,11- reg.#1,8,11,12x2,17x2,20x2
ultra league leader franco
ultra strike out kings andy benes
ultra 2nd year standouts bob hamelin
ultra league leader jimmy key


bow. best mussina ref
donruss dk # 3,5,21
fleer excel 1st year phenon #6
fleer excel first year phenom rey ordonez
fleer rc sensations a sele
leaf gold leaf rc g anderson.dreifort,bentiez
leaf statistical standouts joe carter
leaf power brokers cecil fielder
pinnacle museum coll.#,234
pacific blue diamond orestes destrade
score r/t changing places deion sanders, bo jackson
ud manny ramirez
pinnacle paul carey artist proof


classic best gold manny ramirez
donruss mvp ruben sierra
donruss 90's dominators willie mcgee
donruss dk #30
donruss dominators joe carter
donruss spite of the game yaz
ud then and now nolan ryan
select stat leaders alomar,lofton,morris/brown


donruss coke nolan ryan have 10 of 26 forset#2,6x2,7,8,11,15,17,19,20x2,21bv1.00 apeice
donruss diamond kings #2.7.9 x2.10.11 x3.15.27 x2
fleer citgo the performer #(boggs)x5,(gwynn)x4,(puckett),(canseco)x2,(hender son)
pacific ryan texax express 2 110 ard set bv 15.00 have 50 extra also
ud then and now george brett
ud looss collection wade boggs #wl20


donruss diamond kings #14,15,16,17x2,19x2,20,27
fleer rookie sensations #3.4 bagwell(bv 8.00).5.6 x2.
fleer excel cliff floyd
fleer clemens set 1-12- bv 5.00
fleer team leaders set missing #13 bv 1.50- 1-20 bv 40.00
fleer all-stars # bv 1.00 apeice
leaf gld rc's #10.11.24
pinnacle team 2000 larry walker #21, carlos baerga #56
TSC charter menber set 1-50
ud homerun heros belle.14.16 strawberry.17 winfield.18 buhner.19
ud silver sluggers set 1-18 missing 5.15 bv 15.00


fleer allstar team kevin mitchell
mothers cookies nolan ryan 5000 k set #4 of 4
score young superstars bo jackson #1
starline alan trammell
starline ruben sierra #8 of 40
topps bazooka shining stars ben mcdonald #10 x2


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fleer for the record andres galarraga,don mattingly


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topps cereal series andre dawson #6
topps schmidt


tcma gaylord perry


SSPC vida blue