1994 Pro Line Live Autographs #63 Jeff Hostetler/955 150 CC (Hand Numbered.)

2000 Donruss Signature Series Red #49 J.R. Redmond/175 150 CC (Short Printed to 175; Has a Print Run of 175, But not #ED.)

2000 SAGE HIT Autographs Emerald #47 Deon Grant 80 CC

2000 SAGE HIT Autographs Emerald #49 Darren Howard 90 CC (Error; Should Be Die-Cut, It has the Glossy Look of all other Die-Cuts I've seen.)

2000 Upper Deck Encore UD Authentics #SG Sherrod Gideon 80 CC

2003 SAGE HIT Autographs Emerald #A38 Tully Banta-Cain 80 CC

2003 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects #182 Q. Griffin RC Auto/A. Savage RC 300 CC (Currently Being Redeemed!)

Price beside is the starting price. I'll let en' run for a week from the date posted.