Looking for Dekeysers we don't have, COOL cup APR NT APR. COOL DUAL/triples/quads Etc autos, booklets. PM me what you have and want.

2013/14 Panini Prime SETH JONES 46/50 sick AUTO 2 color patch/2 color prime/figh strap/jersey
2012/13 UD Cup Auto Patch Rookie 60/249 Riley Sheahan wings
2010/11 UD FW PATCH Auto rookie Ekman-Larsson 05/100
2011/12 panini rookie auto jersey 19/99 landerskog
2011/12 UD ultimate auto jersey landerskog x50
2013/14 Dominion APR Ryan Murray 2 color 43/199
2013/14 Prine auto rookie Ryan Murray 75/99
2013/14 Panini Totally Certified auto jersey rookie DeKeyser
2011/12 dominion APR Leblamc 36/71 sick habs 2 color patch
2011/12 panini contenders auto rookie habs Leblanc
2013/14 UD spx dual jersey auto rookie Alex Chassion 416/499
2013/14 Panini prime Quad jersey Yzerman/Sean Monahan 65/200
2013/14 Panini Prime Quad Winter Classsic jerseys Datsyuk/Kessel 42/150
2013/14 Panini luxury Suite game used stick 24/199 Jimmy Howard
2013 Panini Zeinith ROOKIE ROLL CALL JERSEY Andres Lindback
2013/14 Panini prime Quad jersey x50 Trouba/Pasquale/Redman/Peluso
2013/14 Panini prime Triple jersey 65/100 Mrazek/Mazanec/
2013/14 Panini Prime giant C jersey Boone Jenner 69/100
2013/14 Panini Prime rookie jumbo jersey Brendan Dillon 74/99
2013/14 Panini Prizm rookies Brendan Gallagher
2013/14 Panini Prizm rookie johnas Brodin,Charlie Coyle and Boone Jenner
2013/14 UD SP Game used jersey Mats Sundin
2002/2'e UD MVP Game worn jersey Felix Potvin
2004 UD SP Game Used jersey David Aebisher
2003 UD classics Portraits Ed Belfour
2004 Pacific game worn jersey Brendan Morrison