It was trade night at my LCS in Toronto (401 Games) last night. I traded for a Valeri Nichushkin Crown Royale Rookie Silhouette 3 Clr Patch Auto /99 and thought I got a pretty good deal considering the cards I gave in return.

I later opened 3 packs of Artifacts and got a Dylan Mcilrath Autofacts, Jonathan Racine Rookie /999 and the Tampa Bay Lightning Rookie Redemption card (Drouin?).

I won a free contest at the end of the night and it was for a team bag pack (I'm guessing from the EXPO for upper deck). Inside was a 14-15 Fleer Ultra Universal Distribution TJ Oshie /5, a Gustav Nyquist Priority Signings Auto /25 (From the 2014 summit) and a 14-15 Fleer Ultra Universal Distribution Sidney Crosby /5. I have never attended an EXPO, so I have no clue where these cards came from. Really happy with what I got in the pack though, espcially the Crosby /5. This is how the card looks of Subban /5 http://tinyurl.com/o7yu5vo. There are barely any of these kinds of cards on EBAY, anyone know where these actually came from?

Everything is available besides the Nichushkin Silhouette. Will scan upon request.

Thanks and enjoy your day!