The biggest question is, is there older stuff at these expos?
I am collecting from 2 sets from 2007-08 and it has become almost impossible to find anything from them.

If so, does anybody going to the expo take along want lists from others to finds cards?
I would definitely pay extra or trade extra to get any cards from the want list.

I'm not looking for anything too crazy or high end, just set killers. If you're interested in making anything extra, here's what I'm looking for...

07-08 Fleer Ultra

Uniformity Patches /25
AP Perezhogin
BR Richards
CH Higgans
CO Osgood
DW Weight
EC Cole
ES Staal
IG Iginla
JB Blake
JI Immonen
JJ Jagr
JW Williams
KO Kostitsyn
MF Fernandez
MG Gerber
SG Gagne
SP Spezza

Ice Medallion /100
33 Toskala

Fresh Ink

BB Bell
CH Higgans
HL Lundqvist
HU Huet
KL Lehtonen
KO Kopitar
ML Lemieux
PT Thoreson

Flair Showcase
26 Halak

Hot Gloves
1 Brodeur

07-08 Heroes and Prospects

07-08 Heroes and Prospects Regular Set Must be 2+ color of these
139 Carey Price
140 Jordan Staal

07-08 Heroes and Prospects Jerseys Must be 2+ color of these
11 Irving
13 Mueller
27 Stamkos
63 Schenn
65 Mason

07-08 Heroes and Prospects Autographs
BS Brandon Sutter
VC Vincent Lecavalier

07-08 Heroes and Prospects---many from these sub sets

Emblems--------------- Interested in any
Numbers--------------- Interested in any

Double, Triple, Quad Jerseys
....Interested in any of them
Gold version of any sub set...Interested in any

Looking for these

11-12 Contenders


70 Temmu Selanne .......Jets version

NHL Ink Duals

13 Seguin Caron
15 Iginla Glencrosss
19 Johanson Carter

11-12 Pinnacle

1 Crosby
5 Thomas
11 Roy


3 Ovechkin
6 Crosby
7 Price
9 Iginla
10 Giroux