Hi everyone,
Haven't been on the boards for a LONG TIME! Unfortunately, life got in the way and we were dealing with aging parents, grandparents, illnesses, etc. We thought we'd like to start collecting the NASCAR sets of cards and did so in 2007. We had some extras at that time and we traded a few here on the boards. Well now, we'd just like to find them new homes with either someone who might want them for their own collection or to give to maybe a young person who's just starting to collect cards. We took the sets that we have and put them in card protector sleeves when we got them and they have been stored in nice notebooks ever since. We have no idea if there are any that are worth anything, etc. We also have some miscellaneous cards from 2003 from the Press Pass Optima set, Wheels American Thunder 03, a couple from Press Pass VIP 05, Press Pass Stealth 2003, and Press Pass Trackside 2003. Also a Rusty Wallace Pinnacle Artist Proof card (not sure of year) and a Ward Burton Assets Racing Classic that we think is from 1996.

The Press Pass 2007 sets that we have are VIP, Stealth, Premium, Traks and Eclipse. These are the ones that are stored in the notebooks and we can take pictures if needed to send to you if there's any interest at all. We don't know what to possibly sell them for so any offers would be considered.

Just looking for possibly some help/advice on what would be the best way to find them new homes............

Thanks so very much. Looking forward to some replies/help.

Sandi & Bruce