Nineteen years into his illustrious career, Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant finally entered the record books last night in the worst way possible when he broke the NBA record for most missed shots by a player.

This as the Lakers fell to the Memphis Grizzles 107 - 102.

And while it was a bad night for Kobe, it was a very, very good night for former Boston Celtics forward John Havlicek who is now only the second worst shooter in the history of the game.

To be fair, a look at the players who top the record board for this infamous honor includes the greats of the game, with Michael Jordan sixth on the list, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar fifth and Karl Malone fourth.

Among the active players who could perhaps surpass Bryant are Vince Carter, Kevin Garnett and Dirk Nowitzki, who are all right outside the top ten.

Bryant needed 13 misses heading in to last night's game to claim the record, and lucky number 13 came in the fourth quarter, pushing his lifetime total to 13,418 botched ball throws.