Waynes is having another trade day this Saturday, it's always a great time to trade with other collectors, chat hockey and the hobby and get into breaks! Here is the info via their Facebook page -

Come join us for our next Trade Day on Saturday November 15 starting at 12:00 pm. We also sometimes do live in store case breaks as well that day.

Take an opportunity to list what you are looking for; either by team, player, set needs, or even all of the above. Telling people what you are looking for gives you a better chance of finding some of the cards you need to fill your PC, and seeing what other people are searching for gives you the chance to find the right home for cards you would like to move.

As always, Trade Days are for enjoying the hobby, all you really need to do, to take part, is attend. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and if you are not interested in trading, you can still see some great cards, and even use the day to show off some of your big pulls and personal collection.