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    Twitter: @Andy417 COMC Cards For Sale

    Post Expo: A Whole Lot of Stanley Cup Winning Oilers - Decided to Go Big or Go Home!

    Had a great time as always at the Expo and was there all three days last weekend. I caught up with a few people from SCF like ravens_creed, scottkoz20, 30ranfordfan, and hossa18sens, as well as many dealers (some of which are also from SCF) who live across North America and even Europe. Within 30 minutes of entering the show on Friday, one guy who knows I am a Fuhr collector told me that another dealer I know just pulled a nice Fuhr the night before. Within a short amount of time I had already purchased a big card I was looking for. More to come on that...

    Throughout the weekend various stars had signed and or made appearances. The highlight for me was probably meeting Johnny Bower when ITG/Leaf did a 90th birthday celebration for him at the Expo. He was very approachable, and when he wasn't eating I asked him about what it was like playing with Allan Stanley (since he retired where I was raised for several years), and also told Johnny of a family member of mine who previously did work for him (which he was surprised and knew quite well of).

    I took more pictures of other former athletes as well but Bower was my big highlight (and seeing Esa Tikkanen), but I have enough pictures to show as is.

    To start, these are a few of the non-PC cards I picked up.

    Bought this Lemieux Franchises autos along with the Yzerman auto from the set but made a deal with an Yzerman collector soon after. The Lemieux is actually a very tough short print in the set and is the only sticker auto.

    I also attended a meeting that Upper Deck hosted on the Friday night to a few dealers, collectors, and media. At the end I won an uncut sheet of rookie parallels from 13-14 (I forget the set) and a guy who won a Leon Draisaitl signed NHL Draft hat (numbered 6/10) joked that he would trade for the sheet. I told him that if he was serious, I would accept. An uncut sheet for me is just way too bulky, easy to damage, and would collect dust at home. The hat is available (with COA from Upper Deck) although I will only do a deal in person as I am not shipping it.

    On to the cards that I added for my collection...and there's a lot of them! These are kind of in a particular order, but also not really. Lol

    First up are the personalized Young Guns from Upper Deck which was a promotion they did as part of their 25th anniversary. On the Sunday of the Expo my fiance came along since she enjoyed being at the spring Expo. I suggested she wear her Crosby jersey so that she could have her own Young Gun made but instead she wanted to wear her Belleville Bulls jersey. We are actually huge Bulls fans have have been to a lot of their OHL games this season. Speaking of the Bulls, thanks again scottkoz20 for the Niki Petti and Brendan Gaunce Bulls cards for Steph.

    One particular player I wanted to add an auto of for my HOF collection was a Milt Schmidt auto

    Although Bernie Nicholls did not win a Stanley Cup in Edmonton (or ever) and I do have a small Nicholls collection.

    From here on, everything falls within my Oilers collection of players who won the Stanley Cup in Edmonton.

    While the McSorley is only a "D" auto, it is increasingly becoming tougher to find and more expensive. Luckily I got mine from a guy who had it in a tin of other cards hidden at the bottom of his showcase. Chases are, he only broke a couple of boxes when the set first came out and just put everything aside.

    Also nailed down another dual auto for my collection. This is the fifth dual auto I have added from the set.

    I missed out the Penguins Coffey a few times on ebay (forgot to bid in time) and still need 3 or 4 autos of his from the set. The Fuhr is a group B from SPGU

    A friend of mine got this Moog Patch (Gold version) as part of his redemption from an ITG break at their booth and we made a deal soon after for it. This is my first piece of Moog memorabilia.

    This next Kurri/Hawerchuk dual actually arrived right before the Expo and after I posted my last show. I wanted to get it scanned and posted. I've actually been chasing this one for quite a while. Absolutely love the Induction Inks concept from that year.

    As I was browsing a display case on Saturday the dealer noticed that I like Jari Kurri. He told me that he had this one interesting Kurri card that he didn't know much about. With the sticker price he had on it, I couldn't pass it up or the 2 Fuhr autos cards from his booth (and the Ron Francis above). I also love the thick jersey peice on the Superlative auto jersey.

    Picked up this great looking Topps Fuhr die-cut auto from great8 (Danny).

    Although I stopped by and visited with trekrun a few times over the weekend and got a few cards from him, this vintage Fuhr glove was a huge piece for my Fuhr collection. It's nice to add some older pieces like this and think about the history behind it!

    This is the card that Danny told me about soon after I arrived at the Expo on Friday morning. Like I said earlier, he directed me to a guy who pulled this in a case break the night before and I had the buyback within 30 minutes of being at the show. I am still looking after the Kurri buyback auto if anybody has one.

    Next up is the Grant Fuhr Black Diamond Emerald auto /10. Great looking design on these cards, although they are prone to chipping along the edges, which happened to this card as well.

    I got this from the same place as I got the Paul Coffey (Penguins) Lord Stanley's Mug auto. I picked up a Jordan Subban UM jersey auto /24 for my fiance's collection at the same booth as well. I kept going back now and then since they were opening a case of 13-14 BTP and I wanted to see if they pulled the Fuhr auto (which they didn't and I still need), but I did come across this Fuhr Complete Jersey /9 at their booth on Sunday afternoon!

    These two Paul Coffeys came from a dealer who I made a couple of trades with. I got these two Coffey cards in one trade, and then the very last card in this post in another trade. With the Limited Logos I actually couldn't decide between a 3 colour patch (no unique design, just vertical stripes from an All-Star jersey), or the two colour patch below. I decided to think for a bit and decide to go for the unique star patch from a Campbell Conference All-Star jersey. The Signature Rendition cards are also very sharp looking cards too. I am still looking to add the Kurri, Fuhr, and Messier autos.

    As I posted about near the start, I bought the Lemieux and Yzerman 04-05 Franchises autos. In the same deal, I also got the following Messier and Kurri/Neely dual auto /10. Overall I got a sweet deal on the package. For the Kurri/Neely alone, the guy had a sticker of $40 and without asking, the dealer said he would take $35. Done! When I saw the Messier for a good price as well, I had it added to the lot as well. I really don't think the quality of memorabilia pieces on the Messier could get much better.

    My biggest and final addition to show from the Expo wasn't a Jari Kurri or Grant Fuhr but it was a huge card for the PC. The funny thing is that I saw it and asked roughly how much the guy wanted for it. He only wanted me to throw him a number and I just said that it likely wasn't in my budget, and I was about to walk away but then the guy said he would trade as well. Thankfully, he found a few cards he liked. So much so that we made two deals and that's how I ended up the Coffey Limited Logos and Signature Renditions.

    This pickup is a another Mark Messier as an Edmonton Oiler (and with a lot of hair on his head from his rookie seasonlol). With the patch on the card and the dealer saying that he would trade, I wanted to add it. While I have owned a few 1/1s in the past, this is actually my first 1/1 for my own collection.

    It's sort of hard to tell from the scan but the blue patches are actually raised while the while is recessed making the letters and circle around the logo pop out. Yes, the patch is upside down lol and it is the bottom part of the "S". But frankly, I'm not concerned about it the least bit. This is definitely one of the nicest Oilers patches that I have in my collection and I am glad to finally have a 1/1 that I know I will be keeping!

    That's all. I really didn't have high expectations going into this show but I was very happy with what I added when it was over! In fact one card I was thinking would be nice to find leading up to the Expo was a Paul Coffey Limited Logos with an All-Star patch. Thankfully I was able to do just that. Having my fiance there on Sunday was fun as well since we got Young Guns made of ourselves, and she was able to add a few cards to her Belleville Bulls and Penguins collection. Plus she was an added pair of eyes on the lookout for cards for my collection.

    Thanks for the look. My entire Edmonton Oilers dynasty collection can be found here: http://s25.photobucket.com/user/aoli...?sort=6&page=1


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    Collecting: auto's and game used patches of Jari Kurri, Grant Fuhr, Paul Coffey and other 80's Oilers. Also looking Ed Belfour autos. For all players, it doesn't matter what team they are shown with.

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    See bower19's Items on eBay

    Very nice. I would have loved to of been there to see Johnny's reaction to his cake and 90th birthday jersey.

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    See trekrun's Items on eBay

    Thanks for dropping by Andrew.
    The purchases were appreciated but not as much as the HOBBY talk.

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    Just saw this now. Great thread.

    Those Oilers Collection autos (group D, and rarer) are getting tougher & more expensive. I can't quite figure it out (the Ds anyway) but you landed a nice one with the McSorley.

    Really dig buybacks of any kind (I have the Ranford incomming) and both that Fuhr & the Kurri are big winners IMO.

    That Messier though, that takes the cake. As I was telling you that day, I've got a similar one. It's #ed 4/5 though (not the 1/1 clearly, lol). I'm not a huge fan of the design on them (I think the title is kinda silly) but the patches are amazing. I've got a big chunk of the logo too.

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    See fifthcup90's Items on eBay

    Man, Andrew, where to start on this one. As usual, great stuff and maybe even more amazing pieces than usual. The Coffey Ltd Logos is my fave (I guess I'll give you a pass on the Coffey PENGUIN auto, gee whiz man), but the Complete jerseys, the Mess............ The Kurri/Neely is a great piece, never did run that one down. Oh well, no need to tell you about your own great cards. Glad it was such a fun and productive show for you guys and thanks as always for the show.

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    I collect: Kurri, '70s Kelloggs and Topps hockey, football, and baseball cards, vintage stars and World Series subset cards.

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