*** Not looking for charity, just help from the community in locating something, hopefully! ***

My literal most prized possession, my Peyton Manning UD Exquisite patch auto #/25, was stolen from my home this past Nov. 10th along with many other small valuables (mostly electronics). Being robbed SUCKS...never happened to me before except a stolen bike a few years ago. Anyway, insurance has been very fair with me on the valuation of my collectables/games lost and this was the only card I owned worth over $100 so they didn't try to screw me over not having "proper insurance".

I realize this is very very very slim, but if anyone on this board has this card (not my actual card):

I would LOVE to buy it. I waited YEARS to finally pull the trigger on a Manning auto and this card was perfect to me. If at all possible, I want to buy one of the other 24 to replace mine. If you are on the fence about selling this card, contact me! I am not looking for charity AT ALL, I just want to find this card and buy it again.

I may never even buy a Manning auto again if I can't find this one. I loved it. I am not a material person...I don't support consumerism at all, but this one thing I took actual pride in owning and it made me happy to look at it and think of Manning and his Greatness. The rest of what was taken is just "stuff": tablet, cameras, videogame consoles, etc. that is all easily replaceable with time.

So PLEASE contact me if you will sell, I will do PP gift for established members.

I may consider other Manning autos from UD Exquisite, Topps Five Star, comparable sets but I have never seen one I preferred to the one I lost. Feel free to PM pics or links, though, you never know. Greatly prefer Manning in blue Colts uni.