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    2001-02 Pacific Adrenaline NHL Hockey 20 box CaseGroupbreak


    2001-02 Pacific Adrenaline NHL Hockey Factory Sealed (Hobby) Box
    24 Packs per Box
    5 Random Cards per Pack

    Product Features:
    Main Set Rookie............................................ .......2:25
    Autographed Ilya Kovalchuck Rookie Card..1:721
    Hobby Variation (225 cards)..............................1:25
    Premier Date (225 Cards)....................................1:25
    Authentic Game-Worn Jerseys (50 Cards).......2:25
    Power Play (36 Cards)..........................................1: pack
    World Beaters (20 cards).....................................3:25
    Rookie Report (20 Cards)....................................2:25
    Creaded Lightning (20 cards).............................1:25
    Playmakers (10 cards)..........................................1: 49
    Bladerunners (10 cards)......................................1:481

    So divided between 10 slots, the break down is roughly $33. Shipping will be $6 to U.S. and $9 to Canada and internationally if folks outside of North America wish to participate. This brings the total cost per slot to $39 or 42 for the casebreaks. I will put all pulls in soft sleeves, top loaders, or bigger ct case with them being secured in a used bubble mailer. I am just stating this for folks that might get upset when they get a used bubble mailer possibly.

    I want to offer this up as a fun site-wide low cost break. Better yet no one will get last pick in this break as we split the case break into 2 10box breaks!

    Thanks to Josh at ASC for hooking us up.


    1) Member must be in good standing to enter into the case break.
    2) Break will be conducted once all members have paid in full. If you wish to have proof of shipping be it d.c., signature confirmation, or tracking, that is up to you to pay the cost. I will gladly do it but will only keep my receipt of the packages sent out on the same day as proof. I cannot be responsible for the mail but will gladly ship out any method of shipping you wish me for me to send if different than normal first class shipping being offered.
    3)All box breaks will be shot and put on the SCF youtube channel.
    4) I will accept payment via cash, check, or paypal (U.S dollars). If you pay via paypal please pay the fees if you aren't sending it as a gift payment.
    5) List will be random (generated by a randomizer) and will have this on the youtube channel as well.
    6) Please for speed of the break pm the next person and subscribe to the thread. If you have been on the site via your time stamp and not made your pick I will make your choice for you if it been over 24 hours to keep things moving along.

    Members in the Groupbreak
    1)JimMcNulty90 (trade confirmed) paid
    2)wmaguire (Trade confirmed) paid
    3)30ranfordfan (trade confirmed)
    4)lil5up3rman (trade confirmed) paid
    5)michigandan (Trade confirmed) paid
    6)markshew (trade confirmed) paid
    7)Slyner77 (trade confirmed) paid
    8)Markshew (trade confirmed) paid
    9)jjdicaprio (trade confirmed) paid
    10) andrewconners9 (trade confirmed) paid
    Game Used Jerseys
    2 Sergei Samsonov white
    10 Joe Sakic burgundy
    13 Joe Nieuwendyk white
    15 Brett Hull black
    22 Saku Koivi blue
    29 Petr Nedved (big seam)red
    30 Mike Ritcher x2 blue or red
    31 Zdeno Chara black
    35 Alexei Kovalev white
    38 Mario Lemieux (2 color)black /yellow 90/10
    41 Doug Weight blue
    45 Vincent Lecavalier black
    50 Jaromir Jagr white

    39 Fred Brathwaite white

    3 J.P Dumont x2 both black
    6 Roman Turek white
    37 Robert Lang black

    19 Robert Svelha red

    Premiere Date
    32 Ron Francis
    104 Scott Hartnell
    122 Michael Peca
    148 Michal Handzus
    158 Pavol Demitra
    207 Pavel Datsyuk
    223 Jeff Jilllson

    90 Bryan Smolinkski

    Hobby Variation Blue
    4 Marty McInnis
    62 Pierre Turgeon
    83 Roberto Luongo
    91 Manny Fernandez
    128 Mark Messier
    178 Kevin Weekes
    192 Daniel Sedin
    214 Scott Clemmensen
    219 Pavel Brendl


    204 Kamil Piros
    208 Ty Conklin
    211 Jaroslav Bednar
    215 Andreas Salomonsson
    216 Radek Martinek
    221Krystofer Kolanos
    222 Mark Rycroft
    223 Jeff Jillson
    224 Nikita Alexeev

    205Erik Cole
    207 Pavel Datsyuk
    213 Martin Erat
    214 Scott Clemmensen
    219 Pavel Brendl
    220 Jiri Dopita

    Blade runners
    5 Steve Yzerman

    3 Mike Modano
    5 Mike Comrie
    7 Martin Havlatt
    9 Daniel Sedin
    10 Henrik Sedin

    Creased Lightning
    3 Jocelyn Thibault
    6 Domink Hasek
    9 Felix Potvin

    13Mike Ritcher
    15 Roman Cechmanek
    17 Johan Hedberg
    18 Brent Johnson x2

    Rookie Report
    2Dany Heatley
    3 Ilya Kovalchuk

    4 Erik Cole x2
    5 Mark Bell x2
    9 Kristian Huselius
    10 Jaroslav Bednae x3
    11Rick Dieptro x2
    13 Pavel Brendl x3
    15 Kris Beech
    16 Johan Hedberg
    19Nikita Alexeev
    20Brian Sutherby

    World Beaters
    1 Paul Kariya x3
    5 Brett Hull x2 1 left
    6 Steve Yzerman
    7 Pavel Bure
    8 Ziggy Palffy x2
    10 Patrik Elias
    11 Alexei Yashin x3
    14 John LeClair x2
    15 Alexei Kovalev x3
    16 Mario Lemieux
    17 KeithTkachuk
    18 Teemu Selanne x2 1 left
    19 Mats Sundin x3
    20 Jaromir Jagr x 3

    Powerplays 2 sets for sure
    1 J.S.G.
    2 Steve Shields
    3 Milan H.
    4 Byron Dafoe
    5 Martin Biron
    6 Roman Turek
    7 Artus Irbe
    8 Jocelyn Thibault
    9 Patrick Roy
    10 Marc Denis
    11 Ron Tugnutt
    12 EdBelfoure
    13 Marty Turco
    14 Domink Hasek
    15 Tommy Salo
    16 Trevor Kidd
    17 Riberto Luongo
    18 Felix Potvin
    19 Manny Fernandez
    20 Jose Theordore
    21 Mike Dunham
    22 Martin brodeur
    23 Rick Dipietro
    24 Mike Ritcher
    25 Patrick Lalime
    26 Roman Cechmanek
    27 Sean Burke
    28 Johan Hedberg
    29 FredBraithwaite
    30 Brent Johnson
    31 Mikka Kiprusoff
    32Evgeni Nabakov
    33 Nikolai Khabibulin
    34 Curtis Joseph
    35 Dan Cloutier
    36 Olaf Kolzig

    First Half:

    Draft Order:

    Michigandan - 1, 20,21, 40,41, 60,61, 80,81,100,

    Markshew - 2, 19, 22,39, 42,59, 62, 79, 82, 99,

    Andrewconners9 - 3,18, 23, 38, 43, 58, 63,78,98,

    30randordfan - 4, 17, 24,37, 44, 57, 64,77, 84,97,

    wmaguire - 5, 16,25, 36, 45,56, 65, 76, 85, 96,

    lil5up3rman -6, ,15, 26, 35 , 46 ,55,66, 75, 86,95,

    Markshew - 7, 14, 27, 34 , 47, 54, 67, 74, 87, 94,

    jjdicaprio - 8, 13, 28,33, 48, 53, 68, 73, 88, 93,

    jimMcNulty90 -9, 12,29,32,49, 52, 69,72,89,92,

    slyner77 - 10, 11, 30, 31,50, 51, 70, 71, 90, 91,

    Cards Drafted
    Michigandan - Steve Yzerman bladerunner, hasek creased lightining, yzerman world beaters, Hull world beaters, turek gu

    Markshew - Mario Lemiuex game used, red Richter jersey, doug weight jersey, world beaters jagr, Clemmensen RC,

    Andrewconnors9 - premiere date Pavel D.,Scott clemmenson blue parallel, Pavol Demitra premiere date, Kevin weekes Blue, Felix Potvin crease lightning

    30ranfordfan - 128 Mark Messier Hobby Blue, Hobby Blue 192 Daniel Sedin, 29 Petr Nedved Jersey, 39 Fred Brathwaite jersey, 220 Jiri Dopita RC, 221 Krystofer Kolanos RC

    Wmaguire - 83 Roberto Luongo Hobby Blue /62, Pierre Turgeon Blue /62, 22 Saku Koivi Jersey, 219 Pavel Brendl blue /62, 219 Pavel Brendl RC, 4 Marty McInnis Blue

    Lil5up3rman - Jaromir Jagr Jersey, Ron Francis Premiere date, 13 Joe Nieuwendyk Jersey, Jeff Jilllson Premiere Date, J.P Dumont black jersey, 19 Robert Svelha jsy red,

    Markshew - regular Datsyuk RC, world beaters lemieux , mike richter blue jersey, playmakers modano, Erat RC, J.P. Dumont jersey,

    Jjdicaprio - Joe Sakic Jersey, PVincent Lecavalier Jersey, Sergei Samsanov Jersey, Erik Cole rc, Pavel Bure World Beaters, Jaromir Jagr World Beaters

    JimMcNumlty90 - Zdeno chara jersey, Kovalchuk Rookie report, Kovalev jersey, 2 Dany Heatley Rookie Report, world beater Jaromir jagr, Selanne world beaters

    Slyner77 - Manny Fernandez Blue parallel, Brett Hull jersey, Hartnell premiere date, Peca premiere date, Handzus premiere date, Robert Lang jersey

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    Im in ill take spot 7 :)

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    I would like spot 4, thanks. Daniel

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    i'm in for spot #5

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    Spot #3 for me!

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    Been a while so I'll give this one a shot. Spot #9 please, thanks!

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    Ill take spot 2

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    Updated for you Don. Thinking about this one

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    Updated for you Don. Thinking about this one
    Thanks, just got up and off to work.
    Much appreciated!


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    I guess give me spots 6 and 8

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