"CLEVELAND (Reuters) - Cleveland officials on Wednesday released a video of the fatal police shooting of a 12-year-old boy, which shows the boy pointing a pellet gun around a park before police arrive.Tamir E. Rice was shot by a patrol officer on Saturday after a 911 call reported someone pointing a gun at people at the Cudell Recreation Center. The caller said the gun could be a fake.
The video shows the boy walking back and forth in the snowy park, pointing the gun in different directions. He goes under a gazebo.
A patrol car with two officers pulls up to the gazebo. The view of the boy is partly obscured by the patrol car, but it appears that the first officer to get out of the car, identified by a city official as Timothy Loehmann, 26, shoots almost immediately.
There is no audio on the video, but police said they told Rice to raise his hands three times before he was shot, police said. He died on Sunday."