I'm looking to spend a little money on 1 or 2 boxes to crack for fun. I'm a bit confused on what boxes should I crack in order to get the best fun/cards for my money.
I'm not looking for any rookies, just some nice traders and maybe a small set to complete (100 cards max.). Obviously, it would be a bonus to get some of my wants such as Patrick Kane, Toews or Carey Price.

In your opinion, what box should I buy between these?

1 box of SPx 11-12
2 boxes of Certified 12-13
1 box of Artifacts 12-13
1 box of Crown Royale 13-14
1 box of Artifacts 13-14

I have already made the sets in the past for artifacts and spx and I loved the results but I'm just curious about those Panini products..

Thanks for your help!