I'm looking to fill some holes in my collection, so my needs list is included below. Paypal is always ready, and I don't mind trading if you'd rather go that route.

Besides the list below, I am always looking for these Lehners:

1) Cup rookies
2) On-card autos from any year
3) Anything numbered /15 or lower

Here's my list of needs, broken down by year:

Between the Pipes Complete AHL Logo 1/1
Between the Pipes Emblems Gold 1/1
Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket 1/1
Zenith SP Rookies DTT Black 1/1

Artifacts Autographed Spectrum dual patch /3
Between the Pipes
Canada vs. the World International Materials Patch Gold 1/1
Dominion Silver Ensigns 1/1
Limited Brothers in Arms Patches (w/Craig Anderson) /10
Limited Crease Cleaners Platinum Spotlight 1/1
Limited Manufacturers Mark 1/1
Panini Contenders NHL Ink Black 1/1
The Cup Dual Autographed Shields (w/Erik Karlsson) 1/1

Limited Jumbo Jersey Autograph /49
Limited Jumbo Prime /49
SPGU Authentic Fabrics Eights
SPGU Authentic Fabrics Eights Patches 1/1

Artifacts Silver dual jersey /125
Artifacts Black patch tag /5
Artifacts Silver auto /12
Artifacts Black auto patch tag 1/1
Crown Royale Pacific's Choice Autographs Ruby /199
Crown Royale Pacific's Choice Autographs Ruby Holofoil /25
ITG Used Nameplates 1/1 (any of them)
ITG Stickwork Game Used Goalie Sticks Silver /14
ITG Stickwork Game Used Goalie Sticks Gold 1/1
ITG Stickwork Game Used Goalie Paddles Silver /14
ITG Stickwork Game Used Goalie Paddles Gold 1/1
ITG Stickwork Stickrack Quad Gold 1/1
ITG Stickwork Stick Handles 1/1
OPC Retro Blank Backs
Prizm Prizms
Prizm Prizms Finite 1/1
Score Black
Score Red
Select Signatures Prizms /25
Select Signatures Prizms Gold /10
Select Signatures Prizms Black 1/1
SPGU Authentic Fabrics Triples (w/Spezza, Karlsson)
SPGU Authentic Fabrics Triples Patches (w/Spezza, Karlsson) /15
SPX Winning Combos (w/Spezza)
SPX Winning Trios (w/Spezza, Anderson)
SPX Winning Combos Patches (w/Spezza) /15
Upper Deck Canvas
Upper Deck Game Jerseys
Upper Deck Game Jerseys Patches /15

OPC Rainbow
OPC Black Rainbow /100
OPC Retro
Upper Deck MVP
Upper Deck MVP Colors and Contours
Upper Deck MVP Silver Script
Upper Deck MVP Gold Script /100
Upper Deck MVP Super Script /25
Upper Deck MVP Three Stars