Picked up box of '70s hockey, and have the following amount of dupes from the listed years. Condition mostly EX to NrMt with most somewhere in between. Commons to stars, but none of the big RCs or Orr singles. Would love to trade for the cards I am missing from these sets. LMK if interested in anything and I can let you know about specific card numbers available.

74/75 Topps 80 total with 64 different
75/76 Topps 25 total
76/77 Topps glossy inserts x12 plus 2 OPC versions
76/77 Topps 67 total with some dupes
77/78 Topps glossy inserts x24 (rounded corners) and x6(squared corners)
77/78 Topps 103 total with some dupes
77/78 OPC x24
78/79 Topps 61 total with some dupes
79/80 Topps 93 total with a few dupes
79/80 Topps sticker inserts x10