Picking up new cards for the Galiardi collection has been super slow because A) he hasn't had many new cards come out recently (Up until the past month or two) and B) we own most of his cards already, i believe we're down to needing less than 25 but the rest are in someone elses PC or just havent been seen yet.

My wife got in touch with UD asking if they'd planned to have him in any sets this season and we got a very quick response saying they didnt have anything planned at that point but they would push it through, i figured that would have fell on def ears but to our surprise the next release (OPC) had Galiardi in it which was awesome, hopefully he gets in a couple more sets, even if its just base cards. Plus with National Treasures releasing the printing plates we were hoping some of his would be inserted into the packs and we haven't been disappointed so far.

So on with the show!

Picked this up a few months ago on the bay for a good price, 3 nices patches and #'d/10 from his rookie year

Here's what we've picked up from the newest OPC cards, we still need the Red and Black borders so if anyone has one LMK

Next up, 2 printing plates from the Zenith Mosaics, hoping to track down the other 2 to complete the set.

Then a few days after the expo 2 different listing popped up that we definitely weren't going to pass on.

First is a Galiardi Expo Priority Signing Young Gun /25

Then this a master set of Titanium GWG printing plates popped up - Got them for a great price, I had originally sent the seller a message with an offer for a quick sale but they declined so i won them for half the price i was willing to pay for them to sell right away.

They look pretty good with the original cards to complete a full rainbow.

Well if you made it this far, feel free to have a peak at the rest of the cards we have of Galiardi and if you've seen any that i dont have in there free to get in touch.


Hope you enjoyed the show!