If trading please let me know what you collect and i will see what i have to offer you for them.. If only looking to make some quick money like most people then please read below..

Just had a b-day not too long ago.. I am looking to drop some money into my collections for once instead of busting boxes.. Please let me know if you can help me out..

I am looking for the best lots of refractor cards i can get for 8-10.00 dlvd.. I prefer baseball as im almost complete on my goal of 1,000 different cards.. But i will also take basketball and football for my collections there as well.. Still need about 700 in each of the sports..

Only rule i have is that on the back of the card it must either have the capital R or word refractor written out or i will not buy it as i only collect ones with that on them at this time..

I will buy as many of these as people offer me so its not restricted to the first person or few people I will buy from many people meaning 25+.. If you have a lot or can make one up please do so.. Will only pay up to 10 though right now.. Please let me know asap.. Thanks Alot..

A Pm will get the quickest reply from me so if your looking to get the money quicker that will be the best way to contact me..