Just in case you didn’t witness quite enough fireworks over the long Fourth of July weekend, The Knight’s Lance has just a few more to share that should give your Monday a much-needed spark. And although these particular spectacles won’t light up the night sky with thunderous booms and flashy, smoke-tailed shimmers, they will absolutely leave you looking on in drop-jawed amazement. And no matter how hot you think these particular fireworks might be, they will not burn your hands.

As you’ll see in the gallery that follows, Panini America has been on the receiving end of quite a few explosive deliveries in recent weeks — a spectacular array of hard-signed autographs foretelling of the greatness to come in upcoming products such as 2014-15 Gala Basketball, 2014-15 National Treasures Basketball, 2014-15 Flawless Basketball, 2015 Cooperstown Baseball and 2015 Immaculate Baseball.