I had a very fun day today .......my credit card not so much ....Anyways lets start showing stuff

Found some 02-03 Parkhurst cheap and busted some ....NO Gu or anything heres the rookies and 1 color card I got

Then did I pack of Trilogy for the heck of it ...nice something besides a jersey

Took the last 7 packs of 13-14 SP Authentic they had and was joking about the redemptions with the shop guy and out came this :)

Then took his last 6 packs of 14-15 SP Authentic and I cant believe I pulled these 2 in 6 packs :)

Now for the BTP case I got it at a great price so I guess it shouldn't hurt too bad since there were no real huge hits unfortunately ....

First are the Silver and 1 Gold mask cards

Stars of the game autos

Greats of the game autos

Base jerseys

Other various game used

Now the top 6 hits from the case I guess

#6 Ray Emery Jersey-Stick

#5 Ray Emery Draft Day Jersey Gold with a Sick Swatch

#4 Marty Turco 3 color game jersey Gold

#3 Carey Price- Tuukka Rask Rivals Dual Jersey Gold

#2 New York Rangers Shooting Gallery

#1 And you wonder what beats a shooting gallery ...well this does
Jacques Plante Vintage Game Used patch out of 2

So that's all for now ...everything in here is available for sale or trade thanks for looking and reading everything :)