Hi everyone, I have a question and hopefully someone can help me find a price. I have a 92-93 Michael Jordan ALL-NBA TEAM #AN1 card. It looks like this:

Book value goes for about $15-$30 according to beckett.com store.


My card is different. Mine is a bigger print and came in a plastic case. I don't know much about how I got it because when I did, I was very young and was just happy to get a Jordan card. (lol)

Anyways, here are some pictures. Front, back, the LIMITED EDTION NUMBER (09419 of 10,000) that's hard to read (sorry), and then one that's compared to the size of a 32oz Gatorade bottle (again, sorry for the blurry picture).



Limited Edition #

Comapreable picture for size idea

So please, if you have any information as to price wise, it'd be appriciated. Thank you!