All cards on the TRADELIST are for trade or sale for the right card/price. If you'd like to buy something, MAKE AN OFFER, do not ask me what I am looking for as you will not get a response. Please feel free to email me ( with tradelists or questions. I collect Derek Jeter, David Wright, Adam Dunn, Ryan Zimmerman, Ryan Howard, Yankees, Mets, HOFers, Prewar, autographs, game used, and rookie cards. I also collect rare game used of all players: patches, bat barrels, buttons. I love all Bowman products and collect refractors, autographs, and game used from Bowman, Bowman Draft, Bowman Chrome, Bowman's Best, Bowman Heritage, etc. Finally, I collect Topps original buybacks from products like Topps 206, Topps 205, Topps Cracker Jack, Topps Turkey Red, Topps Allen & Ginter, etc. I also collect game used and autograph cards from Topps 206, Topps 205, and Topps Allen & Ginter.

Also, my set needs are listed all of the way at the bottom. I will usually trade for them or buy them, depending on the situation. If you also have set needs, maybe we can make a trade - just let me know what you are searching for currently.

*My PERSONAL COLLECTION is NFT unless ... I am trading for something described in the first paragraph on this page!

Thank you and talk to you soon! -Dan (MADWEASEL)


~Rookie Autographs:

-2004 Donruss Elite Extra Edition SCOTT ELBERT #'d 1617
-2004 Bowman's Best FELIX HERNANDEZ
-2004 Bowman's Best CONOR JACKSON
-2005 Bowmans Best GEORGE KOTTARAS #'d 299
-2005 Bowman's Best ANDY LAROCHE #'d 399
-2002 Bowman's Best TODD LINDEN blue refractor
-2006 Bowman Chrome JAMES LONEY
-2005 Bowman Chrome MIKE MORSE
-2006 Topps Finest SCOTT OLSEN
-2004 Bowman's Best BRAYAN PENA
-2005 Bowman Chrome MIKE RODRIGUEZ blue refractor #'d 150
-2004 Bowman Draft Picks Chrome MARK ROGERS
-2003 Upper Deck U.S.A. HUSTON STREET red #'d 750
-2004 Donruss Elite WILLY TAVERAS #'d 750
-2005 Topps Rookie Cup RYAN TUCKER blue #'d 50
-2005 Bowman Chrome Draft CHRIS VOLSTAD refractor #'d 500
-2006 Bowman Chrome BRANDON WOOD refractor #'d 500

~Rookie Game used and Dual Game used/Autographs:

-2005 Bowman "base of the future" AARON HILL w/ game used base
-2006 Bowman "base of the future" JASON HUBER w/ game used base
-2003 Upper Deck U.S.A. DUSTIN PEDROIA white jersey w/ autograph #'d 150

~Rookies (Serial Numbered/Inserts/Parallels):

-2004 Throwback Threads JASON BARTLETT #'d 1000
-2006 Bowman Chrome BRANDON BOGGS refractor #'d 500
-2003 Donruss Elite JEREMY BONDERMAN #'d 1750
-2005 Bowman Chrome BRANDON DURDEN gold refractor #'d 50
-2005 UD MLB Artifacts PRINCE FIELDER future stars #'d 100
-1997 Bowman ROY HALLADAY
-2003 Bowman RYAN HOWARD gold signature
-2005 Bowman Chrome JAIR JURRJENS refractor
-2004 Topps Pristine HOWIE KENDRICK #'d 999
-2005 Bowman Draft Chrome MARK McCORMICK xfractor #'d 250
-2005 Bowman Chrome JAVON MORAN refractor
-2004 Bowman Draft Chrome DIONER NAVARRO refractor
-2006 Bowman Chrome FELIPE PAULINO orange refractor #'d 25
-2004 Bowman Draft Chrome YUSMIERO PETIT refractor
-2006 Bowman Chrome RAFAEL RODRIGUEZ xfractor #'d 250
-2005 Bowman Chrome MICHAEL ROGERS refractor
-2005 Bowman Draft Chrome JIMMY SHULL refractor
-2005 Bowman Draft Chrome RYAN TUCKER refractor
-2005 Bowman Chrome BRYAN TRIPLETT refractor
-2005 Bowman Draft Chrome NICK WEGLARZ refractor
-2005 Bowman Draft Chrome KEVIN WHELAN refractor
-2005 Bowman Draft Chrome CHRIS YOUNG xfractor #'d 250
-2003 Fleer Rookies and Greats DELMON YOUNG "Looming Large" #'d 150

~Veterans/Hall of Famers (Serial Numbered/Inserts/Parallels):

-2005 Bowman Chrome BARRY BONDS blue refractor #'d 150
-2003 Donruss Diamond Kings "dk evolution" ROGER CLEMENS
-2005 Topps Finest green xfractor CARL CRAWFORD #'d 50
-2006 Bowman Chrome RICH HARDEN blue refractor #'d 150
-2003 Fleer Tradition "fleer hardball preview" MIKE PIAZZA
-2003 Playoff Portraits ALBERT PUJOLS #'d 250
-2002 Topps Pristine uncirculated refractor FRANK ROBINSON #'d 149
-2003 SP Legendary Cuts JACKIE ROBINSON #'d 1299
-2002 Fleer Fall Classics "rival factions" BABE RUTH / FRANK BAKER #'d 1000
-2003 Donruss Diamond Kings "heritage collection" NOLAN RYAN
-2004 Donruss Elite "aspirations" JASON SCHIMDT #'d 71
-2003 Fleer Ultra "diamond producers" JIM THOME
-2002 Fleer Fall Classics "rival factions" HONUS WAGNER/OZZIE SMITH #'d 50
-2005 Donruss Diamond Kings "hof heroes" TED WILLIAMS #'D 50
-2003 UD Sweetspot Classic "teddy ballgame" TED WILLIAMS #'d 1941
-2000 Fleer Mystique "3000 hit club" DAVE WINFIELD

~Current Players/Retired Players Autographs:

-2004 Leaf Certified Materials GARRET ANDERSON (w/ inscription) #'d 250
-2003 Topps 205 LANCE BERKMAN
-2003 Playoff Portraits CRAIG BIGGIO #'d 25
-2005 Leaf Certified Material JEREMY BONDERMAN #'d 50
-2002 Topps 206 DAVID ECKSTEIN
-2003 Topps 205 RICH HARDEN
-2005 Leaf Century Collection JOHN LACKEY #'d 50
-2005 Donruss Diamond Kings Update CARLOS LEE #'d 100
-2005 Leaf Century JACK MORRIS #'d 47 w/ stamp
-2004 UD Sweetspot DELMON YOUNG
-2005 Donruss Diamond Kings MICHAEL YOUNG #'d 50
-2004 Fleer inscribed BARRY ZITO ("CY '02) #'d 102

~HOF autographs:

-2001 Team Topps Legends GARY CARTER
-2004 Donruss Leather and Lumber BOB GIBSON #'d 96
-2003 Donruss Champions TONY GWYNN #'d 15
-2001 Team Topps Legends JIM PALMER
-2004 Donruss Classics NOLAN RYAN (legend) #'d 50

~HOF autographs w/ game used:

-2004 Absolute Memorabilia RALPH KINER w/ bat #'d 100
-2004 Leaf Certified cuts GAYLORD PERRY "K force" w/ white jersey #'d 36

~Game used:

-2003 Topps 205 GARRET ANDERSON white jersey
-2002 POPG CRAIG BIGGIO grey jersey #'d 100
-2006 Topps Allen & Ginter JORGE CANTU white jersey
-2002 Topps 206 JIM EDMONDS grey jersey
-2002 Fleer Fall Classics KIRK GIBSON bat
-2006 Topps Allen Ginter VLAD GUERRERO bat
-2002 Topps 206 TONY GWYNN white jersey
-2003 Leaf Certified Materials FOTG RICKY HENDERSON yellow jersey #'d 80
-2006 Topps Allen Ginter RYAN HOWARD bat
-2004 Topps Pristine fantasy favorites TIM HUDSON white jersey
-2002 Topps 206 BARRY LARKIN white jersey w/ red pinstripe
-2002 Fleer Focus Jersey Edition EDGAR MARTINEZ white jersey
-2006 Topps Bazooks "rewind" A.J. PIERZYNSKI bat
-2004 UD Sweetspot JOSE REYES gray jersey
-2004 Leaf Certified Materials FOTG CAL RIPKEN, JR. game used pants #'d 100
-2003 Topps Pristine ALEX RODRIGUEZ bat #'d 1000 ("popular demand")
-2003 Playoff Portraits ALEX RODRIGUEZ white jersey #'d 25
-2002 Topps 206 IVAN RODRIGUEZ bat
-2005 SP Authentic (Honors) JOHAN SANTANA grey jersey #'d 130
-2004 Topps Cracker Jack grey jersey JOHN SMOLTZ
-2006 Topps Allen Ginter DONTRELL WILLIS grey jersey
-2005 Leaf Century Collection MICHAEL YOUNG grey jersey w/ stamp #'d 69
-2005 SP Authentic CARLOS ZAMBRANO blue jersey #'d 130

~HOF game-used:

-2003 Topps Gallery ArtiFacts JOHNNY BENCH bat
-2004 Topps Clubhouse DENNIS ECKERSLEY green jersey
-2005 Topps Pristine Legends BOB FELLER Leading Indicators blue jersey
-2005 Donruss Greats CARLTON FISK bat ("hall of fame souvenirs")
-2005 Donruss Greats NELLIE FOX bat ("hall of fame souvenurs")
-2005 Donruss Throwback Threads BOB GIBSON beige jersey #'d 100
-2002 UD World Series JIM "CATFISH" HUNTER yellow jersey
-2003 Fleer Rookies and Greats HARMON KILLIBREW Boyhood idols grey jersey #'d 615
-2004 UD Sweetspot Classic JOHNNY MIZE blue jersey #'d 50 silver parallel
-2003 Fleer Fall Classic post season glory PAUL MOLITOR white jersey w/ blue pinstripe #'d 150
-2002 Fleer Fall Classic EDDIE MURRAY bat
-2005 UD Trilogy "generation past lumber" STAN MUSIAL bat #'d 75
-2003 Topps Gallery ArtiFacts TONY PEREZ bat
-2005 Donruss Champions "impressions" PEE WEE REESE bat
-2004 Topps Clubhouse RYAN SANDBERG bat
-2003 Donruss Diamond Kings OZZIE SMITH bat #'d 450
-2002 Fleer Fall Classics rival factions BROOKS ROBINSON bat
-2003 Donruss Elite NOLAN RYAN jacket #'d 400
-2004 SP Legendary Cuts DAVE WINFIELD bat parallel #'d 125

~HOF Game Used (Dual,etc):

-2005 Donruss Diamond Kings NOLAN RYAN jacket/jersey #'d 25

~Game used w/ more than one piece:

-2003 Donruss Diamond Kings CARLTON FISK/MAGGLIO ORDONEZ timeline both w/ white jerseys and black pinstripes #'d 100
-2005 Playoff Prestige ALBERT PUJOLS/JIM EDMONDS white/grey jersey connections #'d 250
-2003 Donruss Elite RANDY JOHNSON purple/white jersey pieces #'d 125 Throwback Threads

~Autographs w/ game used (some patches!):

-2005 Donruss Elite BERT BLYLEVEN white jersey #'d 100
-2005 Donruss Classics VICTOR MARTINEZ blue jersey #'d 25