First and foremost, I'd like to thank our sponsors at Topps for providing us with this box.

2016 Bowman Chrome Baseball is one of the most anticipated releases for baseball out there. Every year collectors chase the highly sought after prospects autographs in each class year. The look of the cards are similar as usual with minor cosmetic change from year to year.

The base set is comprised of veterans and rookies. The prospects portion has a 100 cards in this product.

There are plenty of refractors to be had. The basic refractors are not serial numbered but the color versions all are.
Purple (#'ed to 250)
Blue (#'ed to 150)
Green (#'ed to 99) hobby only
Gold (#'ed to 50)
Orange (#'ed to 25) hobby only
Red (#'ed to 5)
Superfractor (1 of 1)
Printing Plates (1 of 1) 4 varieties

There are 4 various autographs (all hard signed) to be found in 2016 Bowman Chrome.

Prospect Autographs - Include Purple Refractors (#'ed to 250), Blue Refractors (#'ed to 150) , Green Refractors (#'ed to 99) , Gold Refractors (#'ed to 50) vending only, Orange Refractors (#'ed to 25) hobby only , Red Refractors (#'ed to 5), Superfractors (1 of 1) and Printing Plates.

Rookie Autographs - these are players who have already been in the major. Parallels are like the prospects autograph except gold are not a venting exclusive.

Prime Position Autographs - focus on top players at various position.

All-America Game Autographs - cover top prospect from the Arizona Fall League.

Relics: -
The only type that can be found are a variety of pieces from the Arizona Fall League game including hats, bats and bases.


AFL Fall Stars Game - much like the relics these inserts focus on prospect from the game from last fall. There are also low numbered autographs that can be pulled.

Out of the Gate - these highlight rookies who got off to a hot start to begin the season.

Bowman Scouts’ Updates - these take a spin of the Out Of Yhe ?Gaye insert but apply it to various players in the minors.

6 packs per mini box ( 1 auto)
12 packs per master box (2 autographs)
5 cards per pack (3 base and 2 prospects)

Vending boxes (3 autographs)
Current Retail Price (online): $55 - $65

First and foremost, I'd like to thank our sponsors at Topps for providing us with this box

What we pulled:

Final Thoughts:

Base- 4/5
Design - 4/5
Fun - 4/5
Value - 4.5/5
Rebuy - 4.5/5
Overall 21/25 (84%)

No Purchase Necessary (NPN's)and Stated Odds's:

Once again, I'd like to thank our wonderful sponsors at Topps for giving us the opportunity to open and review this release. For more information on all of their products, visit them today at

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