Here's the write up for the announcement forum...did I miss anything? Should we cap a BV amount?

SCF will now allow certain members the ability to conduct card drafts. There will be a few rules however, they are as follows:

  • You must be 18 years old or older to be an approved Host.
  • The Host must have a positive feedback rating of minimum 100+, NO neutral or negative feedback, NOT have a NO BST or MSF Tag. If a Host receives a neutral or negative after being an approved host they will lose their card draft privileges.
  • Anyone wanting to become a Card Draft Host MUST submit a photo ID that we will keep on file.
  • Host must have all cards in hand from the other members before the random is conducted.
  • Host must post what day/time the live random will take place to give members some time in case they would like to watch. The link to the channel should be in the thread as well. If you use Twitch or YouTube Live, once you go live you'll have your live stream at the top of the main SCF page.

Here are links to a few card drafts to get an idea of what they are like...

If you feel you would like to give this a shot and run one in any sport or have any questions, please just post it in this thread.