Hey everyone -

I have a couple of items that I would like to update you all on.

1) I would like to welcome @HavocBreaks as a Sponsor on SCF. They will be starting to post their breaks on SCF over the next week or so.

2) I have added new Prefixes for Sponsor or SCF Staff Breaks that are occurring. This is a trial run for the balance of 2017. These prefixes are for Sponsors and/or staff only!

3) Reward Points payouts for October deals will be done on or before November 15th.

4) I am going to use the area on the top of the page for SCF Site Initiatives. These banner will be viewable by all members (VIP and non-VIPs) to highlight what is going on, as well as SCF Tools that are available. There will be zero 3rd party or sponsor ads in this location! This is only on the desktop version of SCF (and soon on the mobile style - not the SCF mobile app).

5) Over the next couple weeks, I will be looking to get the SCF_sase_request account loaded with base cards available for requests. I will have more details on this program by the end of next week on how the program is going to work. Please do not send me or post requests here, they will be ignored.