2018 Topps Big League baseball releases today and there are some errors and image variations to watch for. There are two types of variations in this set with one being much harder to identify than the other.
The first type is the Players Weekend Variations showcasing 30 players in their Players Weekend uniforms and with the nicknames across the front of the card in a large font making the variations instantly recognizable. These fall 1 in every 3 hobby packs.
The second type of variation in Big League is the Error Variation. These are much more difficult to spot and pull as they are 1 in 506 hobby packs. These were unannounced by Topps and have subtle differences from the bases cards. Take a look at the Bryce Harper image below featuring his base and error variation cards.

As is the case with recent Topps products, there is also an easier way to spot the variations in this set. The CMP codes on the backs of the cards have different codes identifying what type of card they are.

  • Base Cards: End with 106
  • Players Weekend Variations: End With 529
  • Error Variations: End With 530

See the complete gallery below. Variations are on the left while base cards are on the right.
This is an ongoing discovery process. Check back for more updates as we get them!
Players Weekend Variations

#1 Aaron Judge
#19 Matt Olson
#28 Joey Votto
#38 Byron Buxton
#48 Ozzie Albies
#62 Robinson Cano
#63 Amed Rosario
#70 Francisco Lindor
#80 Corey Seager
#91 Anthony Rizzo
#96 Salvador Perez
#99 Jose Abreu
#104 Jose Altuve
#105 Manny Machado
#111 Paul Goldschmidt
#113 Rhys Hoskins
#117 Charlie Blackmon
#131 Josh Donaldson
#150 Mike Trout
#159 Mookie Betts
#162 Gary Sanchez
#203 Buster Posey
#219 Jacob DeGrom
#230 Adrian Beltre
#250 Rafael Devers
#254 Yadier Molina
#256 Kenley Jansen
#276 Andrew Benintendi
#287 Alex Bregman
#300 Kris Bryant
Error Variations

#25 Bryce Harper
#63 Amed Rosario
#70 Francisco Lindor
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