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IMO Squidney is still a whiny guy who goes to the referees to ask for help in calling penalties if they skate near him or they slam him against the boards. Ovie is a better scorer than Squids he does his scoring in unbelievable ways. Heck even Matthews is better going to the net to score than Squids. It's bad enough that NBCSC doesn't stand for National Broadcast Company Sports Channel its actually Nobody But Crybaby Squidney Channel. He can be sitting on the bench & the announcers will talk about how great he's doing. If he's not on the screen for more than 5 seconds they have to show him even if he's on or off the ice. A player can have a great game with 4 goals against him but he gets 1 point some degree & they break it down more how he got that point compared to guy who got the 4 goals against him. If you don't believe me on this watch any game count how much he is mentioned compared to his opponents & make it a drinking game every mention,showing him,or anything else about him you drink see how drunk you are after the 1st period. Another thing when he won his first cup against Detroit he got clobbered by the Wings in the second period but once he heard that the Penguins won the Cup he mustered his strength to raise it saying I'm not hurt I just wanted to fake my injury so that I could get Wings in trouble cause they couldn't beat me with their players in the penalty box cause I whined good to referees so I can get a ring & not be like waiting like Ray Bourque did late in my career. So is he 1 of the best players in the game no he's not he's just a whiny little guy who still can't grow a playoff beard instead he grows a little pre-teen type mustache & thinks that is version of a playoff beard. @doniceage also his b-day I thought was on August 7th not the 10th hence why he wears #87 so he doesn't forget it since he was born on that date in 1987.
You seem a little mad and you're going to call Crosby a baby but you make a post in which it takes a crying baby to write? LOL I'm laughing at how upset you are