hey Members -

Short update and feedback needed.

I will be away for the day job for most of the next couple of weeks. After this, I will be home for a few weeks and doing this

I do want to provide an update to some of the slowness that occurred on SCF this week, this had to do with some files that should have been cleared as a part of the normal clearing processes not running on the server correctly. This should be resolved.

If you did not notice, a couple of weeks ago, I did add a PM modification that makes using the SCF message system a bit easier to use in the way conversations are handled. Some of you called it out already, but it this is the "official" announcement.

Another modification that I added today was a "forum" that will display all of the posts from newest to oldest, regardless of forum that it is posted in -- https://www.sportscardforum.com/foru...cent-SCF-Posts. This is one that I am not sure if I will keep on - I'd like some feedback on this please.

If you have not gotten in for the Ohtani Auto, you still have time AND your Reward Points from the month of July has been paid out! https://www.sportscardforum.com/thre...!!-OPEN-TO-ALL!!!

Also, I have a couple of items from the Nationals that I will be looking to move to you as members after my travels are done for the month.

Thanks for reading,