Boasting one of the deepest, most productive rookie crops in quite some time, the 2017-18 NBA Draft class worked wonders for the trading card industry and helped seemingly each new product release grow more wildly popular than the one that came before. But as the 2017-18 product season officially comes to a close, there is only release left to preview — and it’s a doozie: 2017-18 Flawless Basketball. Set to bring the product season to its torrid conclusion, 2017-18 Flawless Basketball is set to arrive in hobby shops across North America in late October.

The industry standard for the highest of high-end trading cards, each briefcase of 2017-18 Flawless Basketball (10 cards per briefcase, two briefcases per case) will deliver, on average, seven autographs, one memorabilia card, one additional autograph or memorabilia card and one Diamond card per box. Every autograph in the product will be signed on-card and the checklist, as you would expect, is second to none. Multi-diamond base cards return for 2017-18 with some cards delivering up to three diamonds.